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CCEC K50N-G9 Gas G-Drive Engine

CCEC K50N-G9(1500 RPM) Gas Generator Drive Engine is 16-Cylinder Inline, 50.3 liters  Four-Strokes Engine with 159 mm (6.25 in) Bore and 159 mm (6.25 in) Stroke.

K50N-G9 Gas Generator Drive Engine Equipped with Natural Gas Fuel System, Comes with Turbocharged & Water-Air Intercooler.The Standby Power for 50 Hz Generator Set (1500 RPM) of CCEC K50N-G9 Gas Generator Drive Engine is 1328 HP (990 kW). The Prime Power for 50 Hz Generator Set (1500 RPM) .The Continuous Power for 50 Hz Generator Set (1500 RPM) .

As Part of EMAC, SinoGen Also Provide Complete Power Supply Solutions that Powered by CCEC, Our Ranges of Products Including Open Type Generator Set, Silence Type Generator Set, Super Silence Type Generator Set, Mobile Trailer, Complete Power Truck and Complete Power Car for Railways Applications.

We Provide Full Life Cycle Services for All Customers, From Design to Power System Supply, from Installation to Commissioning, from After-Sales Service Training to Spare Parts Supply, From Trouble Shooting to Overhaul Technical Support.

Advantages of K50N-G9 Gas G-Drive Engine

  • Advanced design and sophisticated manufacturing to adapt to various harsh working conditions! High-strength parts, strong ability to work under heavy loads.

  • Cylinder block and cylinder head adopt integrated design. The occurrence of engine water leakage and oil leakage is prevented, and the parts are about 40% less than other similar engines. The failure rate is greatly reduced.

  • Using forged steel camshaft and crankshaft, high-strength cylinder block design, multiple parts cast on the cylinder block, high rigidity, high pressure resistance, good reliability, and longer service life.

  • The cylinder bore adopts a platform mesh honing design. The perfect geometric structure effectively prevents oil leakage, and the use of advanced technology such as new piston ring components and gasket crimping and molding reduces oil loss.

  • The five key systems of the electronically controlled engine are all developed by DCEC, and have been applied and verified in different fields around the world to ensure the excellent economy and reliability of the product.

Technical Specifications

Engine Model:K50N-G9
Engine Type:16 Cylinders, in Line
Displacement:50.3 L
Rated Speed:1500 RPM
Rated Power / Speed:990 kW (1328 BHP ) @ 1500 RPM
Fuel System:Natural Gas
Aspiration Method:Turbocharged & Water-Air Intercooler
Emission Standard:N / A
Bore*Storke:159 mm * 159 mm
Packing Size(L*W*H):N / A
Wet Weight:2057 kg
Lead Time:15-30 Working Days
Payment Terms:T/T ,L/C

Engine Model

Prime Power



Performance Curve

Compression Ratio

K50N-G9990 kW ( 1328 BHP ) @ 1500 RPMTurbocharged & Water-Air IntercoolerD813004GX03TBD11.5 : 1
K50N-G101100 kW ( 1475 BHP ) @ 1500 RPMTurbocharged & Water-Air IntercoolerD813004GX03TBD11.5 : 1

General Infomation of CCEC K50N-G9 Gas G-Drive Engine

Engine ModelK50N-G9Curve NumberTBD
ConfigurationD813004GX03Displacement50.3 L
AspirationTurbocharged and AftercooledRating990 kW (1328 BHP ) @ 1500 RPM
Bore * Stroke159 mm * 159 mmFuel SystemNatural Gas
Compre Ratio11.5:1Type4 Cycle , 60° Vee ,16 Cylinder

Machine Data of CCEC K50N-G9 Gas G-Drive Engine

Wet Weight5800 kg
Moment of Inertia of Rotating Components with Flywheel12.7
C.G. Distance From Rear Face of Block1206 mm
C.G. Distance Above Crankshaft Centerline0
Maximum Allowable Static Load at Rear Main BearingN / A

Engine Performance Data of CCEC K50N-G9 Gas G-Drive Engine

Continuous Power
 100%  Load75%  Load50%  Load
Gross Engine Power Output BHP990743495
Brake Mean Effective Pressure psi15841189792
Intake Air Flow ft³/min1185918672
Turbocharger Compressor Outlet Pressure in.Hg20614789
Turbocharger Compressor Outlet Temperature °F176138100
Intake Manifold Pressure in.Hg16210247
Exhaust Gas Temperature °F455462458
Exhaust Gas Flow CFM300023471712
Air to Fuel Ratio26.5:126.2:126.2:1
Heat Rejection to Ambient BTU/min1179267
Heat Rejection to Exhaust BTU/min665520381
Heat Rejection to Coolant BTU/min504395289

System Technical Data of CCEC K50N-G9 Gas G-Drive Engine

Air Induction SystemMaximum Allowable Intake Air Restrictionwith Clean Element —in.H2O(kPa)3.7
with Dirty Element —in.H2O(kPa)6.2
Cooling SystemCoolant CapacityEngine Only —U.S.Gal(L)140
After-cooler Only —U.S.Gal(L)44
Minimum Allowable Pressure Cap @ sea level— PSI(kPa)48
Maximum Static Head of Coolant Above Engine Crank Centerline —ft.(m)18.3
Acceptable Types of Deaeration SystemPositive
Maximum Coolant Friction Head External to Engine —PSI(kPa)55
Maximum Coolant Temperature(Maximum Top Tank Temp) —°F()95
Thermostat (Modulating) Range —°F()82-93
Maximum Coolant Friction Head External to Engine —PSI(kPa)55
Maximum Coolant Temperature into the Aftercooler —°F()54
without Power Derate — °F()40
Thermostat (Modulating) Range —°F()32-43
Lubrication SystemOil PressureMinimum Low Idle —PSI(kPa)138
Governed Speed —PSI(kPa)345-485
Maximum Allowable Oil Temperature —°F(℃)121
Total System Capacity (Including By-Pass Filter) —U.S.Gal(L)234.7
Fuel SystemMinimum Fuel Inlet Pressure @ Inlet of GMF Sensor Housing—PSI(kPa)5
Maximum Fuel Inlet Pressure @ Inlet of GMF Sensor Housing—PSI(kPa)20
Maximum Fuel Pressure Variation+/-1
Acceptable FuelPipeline Quality Natural Gas
Minimum Fuel Methane Number*—MN80
 Minimum Fuel Energy Content*—BTU/scf(MJ/m³)30

Scopes of Supply of CCEC K50N-G9 Gas G-Drive Engine

Air Intake System1. Air Intake ManifoldExhuast System1. Exhuast Manifold
2. Standard Air Filter2. Turbocharger
3. Water-Air Intercooler3. Exhuast Elbow
Starting System1. Starter MotorCharging System1. Charging Alternator
2. Starter Rely2. N/A
Lubricating System1. Oil PumpCooling System1. Water Pump
2. Oil Filter2. Engine Fan
3. N/A3. Standard Radiator
Engine Shut-Down System1. Engine Fuel Shut-Off SolenoidPower Output System1. Flywheel
2. N/A2. Standard Flywheel Housing
Fuel System1. Fuel Transfer Pump
2. High-Pressure Fuel Pump
3. Fuel Filter

Optional Accessories of CCEC K50N-G9 Gas G-Drive Engine

Air Intake System1. Air Intake Pre-HeaterExhuast System1. Muffler & Bellows
2. Air Intake Shut-Off Valve2. Spark Arrestor Type Muffler & Bellows
3. Heavy-Duty Air Filter3. DPF System
4. Plateau Type Air Filter4. N/A
Fuel System1. Coarse FilterLubricating System1. Oil Pre-Heater
2. Fuel Pre-Heater2. N/A
Starting System1. Manual Magnetic DC ContactorCooling System1. Silent Type Radiator
2. Dual Ears Flywheel Housing2. Plateau Radiator
3. Spring Starter Motor3. Salt-Spray Resistant Radiator
4. Air Starter Motor4. Coolant Pre-Heater
5. Hydraulic Starter Motor5. Jacket Water Heater
6. Manual Magnetic DC Contactor6. N/A

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Modifiable components of CCEC K50N-G9 Gas G-Drive Engine

Air Intake System1. Installation Position of Air FilterCharging System1. 12V Charging Alternator for 12V Electric System
2. Upgrade to Heavy-Duty Type Air Fitler2. Explosion-Proof Charging Alternator
Exhuast System1. Position of TurbochargerLubricating System1. Oil Pan Position
2. Water-Cooled Exhuast Manifold2. Number of Dipstick
3. Water-Cooled Turbocharger3. Position of Dipstick
Fuel System1. Upgrade to Fuel Fitler that Integrated with Fuel Transfer PumpStarting System1. 12V Starter Motor for 12V Electric System
Engine Shut-Down System1. 12V Solenoid for 12V Electric SystemPower Output System1. Size of Flywheel Housing and Flywheel.
2. Explosion-Proof Solenoid2. Dual-Ear Flywheel Housing (For Twin-Starter System)

Note: All Above Data are Just for Reference, All Data Might Change Without Notices or Updates, Please Contact Our Sales Team to Confirm All Details Via WhatsApp or Email.

The picture of Sale Manual showing the accessories and scopes of supply.

Engine Sale Manual

The picture of Installation Drawing showing the accessories and scopes of supply.

Installation Drawing

The picture of Installation Manual showing the accessories and scopes of supply.

Installation Manual

The picture of Operation Manual showing the accessories and scopes of supply.

Operation Manual

The picture of Engine Parts Catalogue showing the accessories and scopes of supply.

Parts Catalogue

The picture of Test Report and Certifcate showing the accessories and scopes of supply.

Report & Certifcate

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