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Cummins Appoints Shi Lei as General Manager of Cummins East Asia R&D Co., Ltd.

May 6, 2024 | China News | 0 comments

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Cummins recently announced that Shi Lei will take over as the general manager of Cummins East Asia R&D Co., Ltd. starting from June 1.

In his new position, Shi Lei will be responsible for managing the overall operations of Cummins East Asia R&D Center to ensure the achievement of business operating goals and promote the company’s sustainable development. He will use his rich engineering and project management experience to further enhance the engineering research and development capabilities of the East Asia R&D Center, comprehensively expand partnerships with customers, support customers to achieve greater success through technological breakthroughs and chain innovation, and further build Cummins Competitive advantage in the market.

His main responsibilities include:

  • Develop R&D business plans based on business strategic goals and global engineering organization strategies
  • Maintain and further create a conducive, innovative and safe work environment
  • Ensure that R&D will deliver high-quality solutions with high technical productivity
  • Build and maintain strong customer relationships and achieve higher customer satisfaction
  • Continue to improve the R&D team’s capabilities as a leader in China’s technology centers, and at the same time promote Cummins’ overall R&D capabilities in China through flexible development project arrangements and support for other engineering centers.
  • Collaboratively utilize global functional excellence to enhance capacity building in traditional energy innovation and forward-looking technologies in China

In 2006, Shi Lei joined Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. as a CPE (Performance/Emission/Combustion) engineer, responsible for the performance optimization of B5.9 engines for generator sets and the performance development of ISD4.5 National III new product introduction; in 2008, Joined Cummins East Asia R&D Center to be responsible for the performance development and successful launch of ISD4.5/6.7 National IV products; in 2010, he was responsible for the performance optimization and emission control of automotive and non-road diesel products, and took the lead in completing the ISF3.8 National IV new product Product introduction and launch; in 2012, he was transferred to the East Asia R&D Center Project Management Department, responsible for VPI/VPC project management and TPL functional excellence, and was responsible for and completed the introduction and launch of ISL9.3 non-road phase three new products.

From 2015 to 2016, Shi Lei joined the Cummins China Forward Technology R&D Department and served as the chief engineer, responsible for the technical pre-research of National VI products and formulating the National VI product framework for non-EGR routes; from 2017 to 2019, Shi Lei went to the United States to work at the Cummins Technology Center work, and participated in the American super truck project, successfully applying many key technologies of the project to China’s Genesis truck project; in 2020, he served as the chief engineer of Dongfeng Cummins, responsible for the development and implementation of new products in the automotive and off-road markets. Product optimization work has led the Dongkang engineering team to successfully launch a number of National VI vehicle products and Phase IV non-road products in the past few years.

Shi Lei graduated from Wuhan University of Technology with a master’s degree in marine engineering (internal combustion engine). He is currently studying for a doctorate in mechanical engineering at Wuhan University of Technology. He is also the executive director of China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association.


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