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CCEC Introduction

In 1995, with a 50:50 shareholding ratio, with diesel engine manufacturing as its main business, CCEC Engine Company was established in the Martyrs Cemetery of Shapingba District, Chongqing City. CCEC producing M11, NT/QSN, K19/QSK19, K38/QSK38, K50/QSK50 series engines . CCEC products are widely used in construction machinery, marine propulsion power units and auxiliary power units, pump power units, diesel and gas generator sets.

EMAC Introduction

EMAC Group Limited was established in Hong Kong in 2010, aims to become a solid one-stop supplier in the power machinery industry. EMAC operates four overseas subsidiaries and owns 10 self-registered trademarks, our products are widely used in energy, maritime, automotive, construction, railways and spare parts. Based on different types of CCEC engines, EMAC integrates other power system products into a complete power system.

The logo of ConeMac brand of EMAC
The logo of ConeMac brand of EMAC

Based on CCEC industrial engines, integrate with Advance transmission and other hydraulic
components, ConeMac provides one stop solution of complete power system for different types of industrial
equipment including agriculture machinery, construction equipment, railways, mining, oil and gas etc.

The logo of ConeMac brand of EMAC
The logo of ConeMac brand of EMAC

PumpMac is a professional pump drive power pack supplier for all water pump set manufacturers, supplying
complete pump drive power packs and other system accessories that are required by customers, including
NFPA20 standard fire pump power packs which have a series of NFPA20 standard modification kits.

The logo of SeaMac brand of EMAC
The logo of SeaMac brand of EMAC

SeaMac focusing on propulsion system and power system for all kinds of boat, from engine to gearbox, from
shaft to propeller, from main generator set to emergency generator set, SeaMac always provides professional
and cost effective solutions for all customers.

The logo of SinoGen brand of EMAC

As the registered trademark, SinoGen is a generator set packager, we producing all types of generator set including open type, silence type, super silence type, mobile trailer and power supply truck. With a modern high standard automated factory and high quality materials, SinoGen producing high standard generator set products with competitive prices.

The logo of Duramac brand of EMAC
The logo of Duramac brand of EMAC

As part of EMAC GasMac, it is committed to providing customers with the right powertrain.
Natural gas engines are an important part of ccec’s zero-emission strategy, reducing the impact on air quality for a more environmentally friendly effect.
GasMac provides long distance customers with one-stop power system solutions to meet all customer needs.

The logo of PartMac brand of EMAC
The logo of PartMac brand of EMAC

As part of the support team, PartMac is focusing on spare parts and after-sales services, we know our engines,
we know what you need. Stick to genuine parts only, PartMac can’t give answers to CHEAP parts, but we always
here if you need a reliable sourcing of spare parts.

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Sales Manager - Mrs. Wendy Fu

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Sales Director - Mr. Jasper Lee       WhatApp-Icon

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