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Warranty Conditions

This article is an introduction to the warranty and precautions.

For the engine warranty, usually enjoy 12 months or 1000 running hours according to which comes first. But we also have the following tips for the warranty.

Correct operation and regular maintenance are important factors to ensure the normal operation of the engine. Please keep this in mind. The company provides engine quality assurance services according to the following criteria during the engine quality assurance period.

  1. If the equipment factory has stipulated the quality assurance period, it shall be implemented according to the quality assurance period of the equipment factory. If the quality guarantee period of the equipment factory exceeds the quality guarantee period stipulated by Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd., it shall be implemented in accordance with the quality guarantee period of Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.
  2. The quality assurance period refers to the running time and use time of the equipment, whichever expires first. The running time refers to the accumulated running time after the device leaves the factory, and the usage time refers to the calculation time of the device from the date when the user purchases the device.
  3. If the timer of the equipment is damaged, or the usage time obviously does not match the running time displayed, it will be calculated as 12 hours of operation per day from the date of purchase of the equipment.
  4. The quality guarantee period is not affected by the change of the engine owner, or the equipment stops running for various reasons and other factors.
  5. If new parts need to be replaced due to the quality assurance service, the quality assurance period is the same as the engine quality assurance period, that is, the cumulative calculation is based on the running time and use time of the equipment, and will end with the end of the engine quality assurance period.
  6. The company bears the cost of oil, antifreeze and antirust fluid, oil filter, fuel filter, oil-water separator, gasket (sealing ring) and other items that cannot be reused due to quality assurance services.

All Engines International Industrial (Off-Highway)


Products Warranted

This Warranty applies to new Engines sold by Cummins and delivered to the firstuser on or after April 1, 1999, that are used in Industrial (Off-Highway) applications anywhere in the world where Cummins approved service is available, except the United States and Canada. Different Warranty Coverage is provided forEngines used in marine, generator drive and certain defense applications.

Base Engine Warranty

This Warranty covers any failures of the Engine, under normal use and service.which resultfrom a defect in materialorfactory workmanship (Warrantable Failure)Coverage begins with the sale of the Engine by Cummins. Coverage continuesfor two years or 2,000 hours of operation, whichever occurs first, from the date ofdelivery of the Engine to the first user, or from the date the unit is first leasedrented or loaned, or when the Engine has been operated for 50 hours, whicheveroccurs first. lf the 2,000 hour limit is exceeded during the first year, Coveragecontinues until the end of the first year.Engine aftertreatment components included in the Cummins Critical Parts List(CPL) and marked with a Cummins part number are covered under Base EngineWarranty.

Extended Major Components Warranty

The Extended Major Components Warranty covers Warrantable Failures of theEngine cylinder block, camshaft, crankshaft and connecting rods (Covered Parts)Bushing and bearing failures are not covered.This Coverage begins with the expiration of the Base Engine Warranty and ends three years or 10,000 hours (3,000 hours for A Series Engines) of operation.from the date of delivery of the Engine to the first user, or from the date the unitis first leased, rented or loaned, or when the Engine has been operated for 50hours, whichever occurs first.

These Warranties are made to all Owners in the chain of distribution, and Cover-age continues to all subsequent Owners until the end of the periods of Cover-age.

Products Warranted

During The Base Engine Warranty

Cummins will pay for all parts and labor needed to repair the damage to the En.gine resulting from a Warrantable Failure.

Cummins will pay for the lubricating oil, antifreeze, filter elements and othermaintenance items that are not reusable due to a Warrantable Failure.

Cummins will pay reasonable costs for mechanics to travel to and from the e-quipment site, including meals, mileage and lodging, when the repair is per-formed at the site of the failure.

Cummins will pay reasonable labor costs for Engine removal and reinstallationwhen necessary to repair a Warrantable Failure.

During The Extended Major Components Warranty

Cummins will pay for the repair or, at its option, replacement of the defectiveCovered Part and any Covered Part damaged by a Warrantable Failure of thedefective …More.


Warranty Conditions

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