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CCEC QSK60 Industrial Engine

CCEC QSK60 series industrial engines have excellent performance characteristics. It has a 14.5 : 1 compression ratio,and offers a wide rpm range, including a maximum low idle speed of 1,900 rpm and a minimum low idle speed of 600 rpm. In addition, the engine adopts CMI MCRS Fuel system, combined with turbocharging and charge air cooling system, to ensure efficient combustion and excellent performance. Its main power range is 1600 HP to 3000 HP (1668 kW to 2240 kW), and the torque range is 8849 N.m to 11257 N.m.

In order to give users a better experience, CCEC QSK60 series industrial engines are equipped with an excellent crankshaft system (cold start capability) and an excellent cooling system to ensure that the engine can start reliably and efficiently under different environmental conditions, thus improving reliability and efficiency. ,Environmental friendly. In addition, a good lubrication system also provides better cooling, reduced friction, extended life and increased efficiency for the machine.

As part of EMAC, ConeMac provides industrial power pack solution that integrated with air intake, air exhaust, cooling system, control system, transmission and hydraulic accessories, We also supplying special products such as explosion proof engine, generator and water pump set, as well as ultra-low temperature condition engine power pack.

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General Specifications of QSK60 Series

Engine Type:16 Cylinder
Displacement:60 L
Rated Speed:1800 – 1900 RPM
Emission Standards:Euro I
Aspiration Method:Turbocharged and Aftercooled
Advertised Power:2237 – 3000 HP @ 1800 – 1900 RPM
Peak Torque:8620 – 11257 N.m @ 1800 – 1900 RPM
Bore * Stroke:159 mm * 190 mm
Dry Weight:8257 – 8527 kg
Dimension (L * W * H):2960 mm * 1780 mm * 2150 mm
CCEC QSK60 Industrial Engine Catalogue

Engine Model

Rated Power

Peak Torque

Engine Model

Rated Power

Peak Torque

QSK60-C22372237 HP @ 1800 RPM8849 N.m @ 1800 RPMQSK60-C23002300 HP @ 1900 RPM8620 N.m @ 1900 RPM
QSK60-C30003000 HP @ 1900 RPM11257 N.m @ 1900 RPM

CCEC QSK60 Series Industrial Engine

This is the list of all series of CCEC QSK60 Series Industrial Engine.
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