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QSK50 Pump

CCEC QSK50 Series Pump Drive Engine is V type 16-cylinder, 50.3 liters four-strokes engine with 159 mm (6.25 in) bore and 159 mm (6.25 in) stroke. QSK50 Series Pump Drive Engine equipped with CCEC Modular Common Rail Fuel System, comes with turbocharger and Air-Air intercooler. The power range of CCEC QSK50 series pump drive engine is from 1400 HP to 2500 HP (1044 kW to 1864 kW). The torque range of the QSK38 Series Pump Drive Engine is 6379 N.m to 9601 N.m.
EMAC is a partner of CCEC for many years, we are a professional pump system solution supplier with many years of experience. We provide customers from all over the world with one-stop pump system solutions from pump system design to pump system supply, from installation to commissioning, and from after-sales. Providing sales service support for spare parts supply, EMAC is your reliable pump system partner, providing you with the best value for money and reliable system solutions.

Advantages of QSK50 Pump Drive Engine

·Efficient and Fuel Efficient
Provides optimized combustion and airflow conditions for more complete combustion. Efficient exhaust gas turbocharging reduces engine specific fuel consumption.
·Quality Assurance
Stable performance, fast starting and good acceleration. High injection pressure, efficient CMI exhaust gas turbocharging, perfect detection characteristics, good transient response, high reliability and durability.
Low failure rate, excellent lubrication system, low parasitic power, durability, and excellent reputation.


QSK50 1500/1800 RPM Electronic Pump Engine

All models of CCEC QSK50 1500/1800 RPM Electronic Pump Engine.

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