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Agricultural Hydrogen Engine! CMI Lead Agricultural Market Decarbonization

Jun 13, 2022 | Leading Companies in China | 0 comments

Cummins and well-known tractor manufacturer Buhler Industries Inc. have announced that they have signed a letter of intent to lead the decarbonization of the agricultural market through the integration of Cummins’ 15-liter hydrogen engine and its sub-brand Versatile agricultural equipment.

According to Ann Schmelzer, general manager of Cummins’ global agricultural machinery business, Versatile is a well-known tractor manufacturer and has a long history of cooperation with Cummins. Since 1967, Cummins has been the exclusive engine supplier for Versatile all-wheel drive tractors. Both parties are committed to providing customers with continuous guarantees of technology, quality and reliability, and can leverage their respective advantages to create new opportunities for common development. For decades, both parties have been at the forefront of the global agricultural machinery market with technological innovation and reliable performance, leading the development of new powertrain technologies and creating extraordinary achievements in the field of agricultural machinery.

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“Diesel engines will remain a flexible and applicable option for agricultural machinery for the foreseeable future. This collaboration will help both parties develop more low-carbon/zero-carbon solutions suitable for agricultural machinery applications.” Versatile Sales and Marketing Adam Reid, Vice President of Marketing

Recently, Cummins announced that it will rely on its deep technical accumulation in the field of ignition engines to manufacture hydrogen internal combustion engines through existing engine platforms. The parts of Cummins diesel engine and hydrogen internal combustion engine have high versatility and unique advantages of economies of scale, which is conducive to reducing costs and increasing efficiency of OEMs and meeting the needs of agricultural machinery users for high reliability.

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Hydrogen internal combustion engines can provide a cost-effective zero-carbon fuel solution for high-load and high-utilization applications. Key benefits of the technology include more timely reductions in carbon emissions without sacrificing productivity, minimal impact on OEM mechanical design, and cost savings through economies of scale through the advantage of common components across platforms. The integration of hydrogen internal combustion engine and agricultural machinery equipment can provide agricultural users with a reliable and easy-to-maintain solution.


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