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Cummins and Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles Will Attack 2023

Feb 3, 2023 | China News | 0 comments

At the beginning of the new year, many places across the country have played the charge of economic development. As a traditional pillar, the automobile industry is also ushering in a critical period of strategic development. Whether it can stand firm and take a step in the tide of the times, innovation and breakthroughs are indispensable for the automobile industry Missing stabilizers and ballast stones. Only when OEMs and OEMs join forces in product, market and service to achieve innovative breakthroughs can they jointly create a broader market prospect.

On February 1, the leadership of Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. visited Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. Zhou Xianpeng, assistant to the general manager of Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd., chairman and party secretary of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle, Wang Wei, general manager of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle, and Liu Licheng, assistant to the general manager, met with Huang Haitao, general manager of Dongfeng Cummins, and Xu Xu, secretary of the party committee and executive deputy general manager of Dongfeng Cummins Daqian and his party.

At the meeting, the relevant person in charge of Dongfeng Cummins introduced the operation of Cummins in China, its operating performance in 2022, new product applications and technical characteristics, etc. The two sides focused on the advantages of high-powered products in market segments, continued to strengthen cooperation and enhance product competitiveness, etc., and conducted full and in-depth exchanges. The new year has not only enhanced the deeper understanding between the two parties, but also laid a solid foundation for smoother and more harmonious follow-up quality business exchanges and cooperation.


The innovation and breakthrough of engine products has always been an indispensable prerequisite for the development and upgrading of the automobile industry. As the power heart of the vehicle, the engine has become a key factor in the quality of the vehicle.

Cummins Attack 2023 (1)
Cummins Attack 2023 (2)

Wang Wei, General Manager of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles

The visit of Dongfeng Cummins to Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles, on the one hand, strengthened the in-depth cooperation between the two parties, and on the other hand, fulfilled the call of the country for Chinese manufacturing companies to enhance their comprehensive strength through cooperation and innovation, and realize the deep integration of the industrial chain.

In 2023, Dongfeng Cummins will work with Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles to strengthen cooperation in application scenarios, vehicle experience, user verification, etc., face customers directly, take customers as the center, comprehensively improve product quality, fully support Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles, and realize ” Quality” and “quantity” will be improved in an all-round way to help customers succeed in business.

Wang Wei, general manager of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles, pointed out that Dongfeng Cummins high-horsepower products are extremely competitive in the market, and quality control should be further strengthened to maintain advantages; in view of fierce market competition, the two parties should further strengthen coordination and jointly do a good job in reliability, quality assurance and service Guarantee, form a good market reputation, realize the tiger’s mouth, and expand the living space; continue to optimize the power chain matching based on different subdivision scenarios, continue to improve the comprehensive competitiveness of Dongfeng commercial vehicles, and jointly create value for customers.

Huang Haitao, general manager of Dongfeng Cummins, said that as a partner, Dongfeng Cummins will speed up the response to customer needs, continue to improve product reliability, and control costs. It is hoped that the two parties will further deepen cooperation in more market segments and jointly improve product customer recognition. Make more and greater contributions to the improvement of the competitiveness of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles.

Cummins Attack 2023 (3)

Huang Haitao, General Manager of Dongfeng Cummins

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