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On November 26, 2022, the Cummins off-road National IV full-line power system, which was customized and developed for application scenarios and brought new value experience to users, was officially launched online. The power of Cummins off-road four-stage product platform covers 36 to 503 kilowatts , to meet the fourth stage of China’s non-road mobile machinery emission standards that will be officially implemented on December 1.

In terms of products, Cummins further subdivides and polishes different applications, including Cummins’ new generation of National IV engines including F2.8, B3.9, F4.5, B5.9, B7, L9 and X12, continuing the national three The durability and excellent performance of the products in the stage, the power and torque are significantly improved, and the adaptability to work under harsh working conditions is stronger; it also includes the newly launched PLUS series of high-end new products, which are built through full-core optimization, intelligent linkage and professional customization. It is a new benchmark for high-end quality in China IV, and through forward-looking assembly with OEMs, it achieves optimal integration and further highlights its performance advantages.
Cummins product
M15 PLUS series Engine
Cummins M15 PLUS new National IV heavy-duty engine
Mainly used in excavators, drilling rigs, milling machines, air compressors and agricultural machinery, with a power of 420 to 503 kilowatts and a maximum torque of 3000 N∙m. M15 PLUS is a new member of the four Cummins family. It integrates new design, new materials and new technology. It adopts Cummins’ advanced intelligent pilot system to achieve overall performance optimization. The thermal efficiency of mass production reaches 48%, and through innovative customization The design improves the self-protection ability of the engine, and the performance of dustproof, heat insulation, wear resistance and noise reduction is better. M15 PLUS adopts high-efficiency turbocharging technology, brand-new turbine flow channel design and optimized blade processing profile, combined with optimized turbine tip diffuser design, the efficiency of the turbocharger is significantly improved, the engine transient response is faster, the fuel consumption is lower, and the reduction Significant noise; Super ISOPod heat insulation design, combined with a more environmentally friendly high-temperature lead-free bearing system, improves the high-temperature performance of the rotor and has higher reliability. Advanced NanoNet modular nano fuel fine filter and engine oil filter are adopted, combined with special engine oil for National IV engines, to achieve super-long oil change intervals, while efficiently protecting the engine and reducing maintenance and fuel costs
Cummins L9 PLUS National IV Power
It is mainly used for excavators, rotary excavators, air compressors, loaders and agricultural machinery, with a power of 219 to 294 kilowatts and a maximum torque of 1800 Nm, which is about 16% higher than that of the third stage. Through the innovative iteration of electronic control features, the level of intelligence is higher, and it can sense load changes in advance and adjust to the best working state as needed. Cooperate closely with the engineering equipment factory to carry out “integrated” engineering development and lean matching, so that the engine and the hydraulic system of the whole machine are seamlessly linked, and the key indicators such as the performance and energy efficiency of the whole machine are better.
F4.5 PLUS series Engine
L9 PLUS series Engine
Cummins 4-cylinder F4.5 PLUS new National IV engine
It is mainly used in 20-ton excavators with a power of 129 kilowatts and a unique two-stage supercharging technology. Compared with single-stage supercharging, it has better low-speed transient response, higher air intake efficiency, higher power per liter, and can provide greater power and torque under the same displacement. Due to the larger flow range of the double booster, it can effectively reduce the power loss on the plateau, and the adaptability to high altitude construction is stronger.
Cummins emission treatment system has more than 20 years of product development and application experience in the National IV after-treatment technology that the majority of users are concerned about. SCR (selective catalytic reduction device), DPF (diesel particulate filter) and DOC (diesel oxidation catalytic converter) Devices) have exceeded one million units and have passed the global market verification. According to the application characteristics of non-road country IV, setting more sensors can more accurately detect the crystallization status of the after-treatment system and self-adjust, which helps to reduce back pressure and engine fuel and urea consumption, ensure the safety of the after-treatment system, and more stable performance reliable. According to the characteristics of the engine platform, it can provide a variety of import and export types and installation methods, making the installation more flexible and saving space.
Post-processing installed sensors-2
Post-processing installed sensors-1

With the improvement of the intelligence level of the National IV Power, Cummins’ digital remote service capabilities are also continuously upgraded. Through big data and advanced analysis methods, as well as continuously upgraded software and related technologies, it is highly linked with the Internet of Vehicles and the Internet of Things to achieve interconnection. Interoperability, providing customers with customized operation guidance and suggestions. As an “artifact” to expand the engine’s intelligent functions, Cummins’ latest “Little Bee” accessories can help customers easily implement equipment calibration updates and fuel consumption management, provide fault warning, full-time equipment protection and maintenance management, and achieve efficiency and cost reduction. energy saving.

Little Bee tool

In terms of non-road China IV aftermarket services, Cummins has launched a package of comprehensive service guarantee upgrades, aiming to provide professional one-stop service solutions for users entering the China IV era, and help customers win in the new era of emission upgrades. Including the launch of service “packages” that meet the needs of different engineering equipment, and upgrades to service tools, which enhance the effectiveness of spare parts and service tool reserves, and provide users with intelligent service solutions through digital remote warning and diagnosis systems.


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