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Mining Hercules Out, L9 PLUS Strength Circle!

Nov 16, 2022 | Standard Products | 0 comments

Mining Hercules Out, L9 PLUS Strength Circle!-2

Mining Hercules out, L9 PLUS strength circle!

As an “up-and-coming powerhouse”, Sany’s excavators are equipped with the Cummins L9 PLUS engine, which meets the requirements of China’s off-road Stage IV emission regulations and is tailored for the Chinese market, and has been unanimously recognized by industry customers for its superior reliability and fuel economy.

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Mining Hercules Out, L9 PLUS Strength Circle!-4

Inheriting the excellent genes of Cummins L series, the L9 PLUS off-road National IV engine is optimally designed for off-road applications and has undergone tens of thousands of hours of reliability road tests.

In addition, Cummins emission treatment system provides customers with multiple layouts for more flexible installation, and adopts DOC+DPF+SCR technology route, which is small in size and light in weight, greatly improving fuel economy and making emission upgrade simple and easy.

Jointly developed with the whole machine equipment to meet the construction needs of construction machinery under harsh working conditions, more adaptable.

With more economical fuel consumption zone, higher fuel economy, fuel saving and consumption reduction.

Intelligent system upgrade, matching remote digital diagnosis technology, efficient attendance is more guaranteed.

Proven IAT and non-EGR emission treatment technology lines for greater reliability and durability.

Adopt the new generation of thermal management technology route to effectively extend the life of components and reduce the whole life cycle cost of use.

High-end intelligent system to remind users to use qualified oil, longer engine life.

The whole system is equipped with OTA (remote online upgrade technology) as standard, 5 minutes to complete the remote calibration and upgrade, convenient and fast.

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