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Celebrating the 120th Anniversary of the Stamford® Brand

Mar 4, 2024 | Leading Companies in China | 0 comments

Celebrating the 120th Anniversary of the Stanford® Brand(1)

The growth history of the STAMFORD® brand and its famous alternator products is a legendary story of outstanding engineering quality and continuous innovation. As the world’s energy transitions to carbon-free, inherent qualities such as green, energy-saving, efficient, and reliable will be more valuable than ever.

For 120 years, STAMFORD® alternators have been at the heart of the power generation industry, providing reliable, efficient power to industries and communities around the world.

The story of the Stamford® brand is intertwined with the fabric of our society: from driving the modern industrial revolution to powering critical services and infrastructure such as hospitals, data centers, telecommunications services and transportation systems, Stamford® is integral to our daily lives a part of.

Our company was founded in 1904, when the world was still powered by steam. Today, under the name STAMFORD | AvK (Cummins Generator Technologies), we are proud to be the global leader in the design, manufacture and sale of alternators, gensets and power systems.

Although electricity is still in its infancy, it is undeniable that it is rapidly changing social life and bringing hope for a cleaner, safer, and more connected world.

In this age of constant discovery, Cutting Brothers Electrical Engineering’s Stamford® brand pioneered the production of alternators that were not only technologically advanced, but also extremely durable and adaptable – qualities that modern businesses have long expected. Definition of production standards.

Celebrating the 120th Anniversary of the Stanford® Brand(3)

Throughout Stamford®’s history, we have proven our ability to navigate the changing marketplace, and because of this, we have been able to develop a tradition of excellence in product development. Some notable achievements include the creation of the world’s first self-regulating alternator, the first rotating field alternator, and the first permanent magnet generator for automatic voltage regulator excitation.

For Stamford® and the entire power generation industry, the next mountain to climb will be reducing stress on the planet by helping to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and other harmful gases.

Solar panels located in Wuxi factory

STAMFORD | AvK’s sustainable development starts with itself. The company is confident of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50% and waste by 30% at its manufacturing facilities in China, Romania and India, as well as its alternator technology center in the UK. In addition, water conservation is also a priority.

On the product side, Stamford® has made changes to the design of its excitation rotors and stators, reducing weight by more than 50% and slashing production-related carbon emissions by up to 35%.

The entire STAMFORD | AvK alternator range is backed by proven engineering capabilities, industry-leading warranties and after-sales service through a global distribution network to help customers make a smooth transition to the cleaner future everyone expects.

Celebrating the 120th Anniversary of the Stanford® Brand(5)

The S-Series leads the way and has quickly become the alternator of choice in marine, oil and gas ancillary equipment, telecommunications, cogeneration, construction and other continuous or backup power applications.

Launched in low-voltage form in 2019, the S7 has grown into a versatile product, offering water cooling, extended core lengths and the latest six-pole configurations.

Meanwhile, the S9, which originally appeared in high-voltage form, was the first to feature CoreCooling™ high-efficiency airflow technology and Class H insulation. The medium voltage iteration was followed by a high altitude/high voltage model and now a low voltage version, rounding out the package.


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