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CMI Joins Hydrogen Engine Alliance

Jul 4, 2022 | Global Companies in China | 0 comments

Recently, CMI announced that it has joined the Hydrogen Engine Alliance, which brings together leading industry representatives dedicated to advancing the research and development of hydrogen internal combustion engine technology.

As a global power technology pioneer, CMI has extensive experience in the development and manufacture of internal combustion engines, hydrogen fuel cells, pure electric and driveline components. Recently, the company has also pioneered the launch of a multi-fuel engine platform, including the latest on- and off-road 6.7L and 15L hydrogen internal combustion engines. In addition, the joint venture between CMI and NPROXX, an expert in the field of hydrogen storage, further enhances the integration capabilities of hydrogen internal combustion engines with on-board gas storage tanks and vehicle fuel supply systems.

Jonathan Atkinson, executive director of CMI’s European Roads business, said: “CMI is very pleased to join the Hydrogen Engine Alliance and we look forward to working with other members to accelerate the decarbonisation process of the industry. Hydrogen internal combustion engines have the excellent performance of efficient and durable combustion engines, which can meet high loads. While meeting the requirements of continuous operating conditions, it also achieves carbon neutrality, further unlocking the potential of hydrogen energy reduction and playing an important role in the decarbonization of commercial vehicles and industrial equipment.”

The hydrogen internal combustion engine is another breakthrough innovation of the proven, mature and reliable traditional internal combustion engine technology. In the future, hydrogen internal combustion engines will be used in a wider market and deployed in more applications faster. In addition, hydrogen internal combustion engines also have the advantage of fast hydrogen refueling, improve vehicle and equipment utilization, and further promote cross-domain applications.

In January 2022, the Hydrogen Engine Consortium was established. In addition to CMI, the Hydrogen Engine Consortium brings together major automotive companies, industry suppliers and academic institutions, including Bosch, Daimler Trucks and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

Die Technikinitiative zur nachhaltigen Transformation

Professor Thomas Koch, Chairman of the Hydrogen Engine Alliance, said: “CMI has a long-standing reputation in the field of internal combustion engines for its top-notch strength and continues to develop future-proof clean power solutions. We welcome CMI to join the Hydrogen Engine Alliance. Technology openness is the realization of global climate goals. The key to this is that we will combine the expertise of key players in the industry to promote the rapid and efficient development of hydrogen energy.”

Hydrogen internal combustion engines are an important part of CMI’s “Zero Carbon Goal” strategy. The company is committed to supporting carbon reduction through a wide range of diverse power solutions. In addition to developing zero-carbon and low-carbon powertrains, CMI has also made significant progress in hydrogen fuel production, and its water electrolysis hydrogen production equipment is widely used around the world.

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