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Cummins Debuts at INTERMAT 2024 with Forward-Looking Technology Products

May 9, 2024 | Global Activity, Global Exhibition, News & Events | 0 comments

INTERMAT 2024 grandly opened in Paris on April 24. Cummins launched the latest 15-liter off-road Euro Stage V engine with a power of up to 700 HP (522 kW) and a maximum torque of 3,200 N.m. As the flagship heavy-duty power product of Cummins, Cummins X15 has the advantages of high reliability, low fuel consumption, and lower overall operating cost (TCO). It is also one of the star products of Cummins’ newly launched multi-fuel engine platform.

Cummins multi-fuel engine platform is a forward-looking technology representative that is compatible with “traditional energy + new energy”. With the advantages of high integration and versatility of Cummins parts, based on the common architecture, only a few differentiated parts need to be adjusted to achieve diesel. The transformation of low-carbon or zero-carbon fuels such as natural gas, hydrogen, etc. provides customers with greater convenience and can choose more economical and energy-saving power fuel solutions according to different application needs. While reducing fuel consumption, it can save production costs and Repair and maintenance costs.

High efficiency hydrogen internal combustion engine

This time, Cummins also demonstrated the hydrogen energy medium-horsepower classic series B6.7H high-efficiency hydrogen internal combustion engine, with a power of up to 290 horsepower (216 kilowatts) and a maximum torque of 1,200 Nm, which can meet the requirements of off-road European Stage VI (EU Stage VI) and North American Tier 5 emission standards. When engineering equipment chooses Cummins hydrogen internal combustion engines and traditional diesel engines on the same platform, it can achieve seamless adaptation of different fuel migrations and use the same gearbox, cooling system and hydraulic system, which greatly reduces the difficulty of vehicle integration by the OEM and engineering Development and usage costs.

Cummins Accelera multi-product matrix

Committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing adverse impacts on the environment, and achieving Cummins’ zero-carbon strategic goals, Cummins’ Accelera zero-carbon brand exhibited a diverse product matrix representing forward-looking new energy technologies at the INTERMAT exhibition.

  • 150 kW fuel cell products

Provide ideal zero-carbon power solutions for heavy-duty resource and building material transportation vehicles and clean mobile power generation equipment

  • New generation BP97E lithium battery

Tailored for electric vehicles, it has ultra-high energy density, light weight, small size, and is modular and easy to install and expand. It is an ideal choice for weight-sensitive applications and users with special needs for installation flexibility.

  • New 1CS2016 NextGen Motor

It is a single-winding permanent magnet synchronous direct drive motor, customized and developed for high-performance electric drive systems. It has a wide range of applications, excellent acceleration performance, and a continuous efficiency of up to 97 %.

  • NPROXX high pressure hydrogen storage tank

An ultra-high pressure vessel up to 700 bar with stronger hydrogen storage capacity and longer operating cycle. Cummins established a joint venture with NPROXX in 2020 to mainly produce hydrogen storage containers. NPROXX is a global leader in high-pressure hydrogen storage products for stationary and mobile applications.


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