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Notice on the Suspension of Sales of Chongqing Cummins M11 Products

Apr 8, 2024 | Industry Company Dynamics | 0 comments

Recently, Xi’an Cummins Engine Company and Chongqing Cummins Engine Company discussed continuing to deepen cooperation and held a strategic signing ceremony for the QSM11 project cooperation.

Chongqing Cummins and Xi’an Cummins began to explore the Cummins system mid-span joint venture cooperation model four years ago starting from the M11 project. They will continue to explore cooperation opportunities in the power generation market in 2021 and complete the development of QSM11 power generation products in 2022. In the early cooperation on the M11 project, the two parties achieved results beyond expectations through innovative business models, efficient process docking and optimization of the supply chains of both parties. Looking to the future, with the high reliability performance, excellent fuel adaptability and excellent product reputation of QSM11, both parties will continue to solidify and deepen the foundation of cooperation, maximize the integration of resources, extend the product life cycle of QSM11, expand the scope of product applications, and better meet the needs of OEMs. business needs, laying a solid foundation for both parties to win competition in strategic markets.

Cummins M11-4
Cummins M11-5

                    Yu Hai, Deputy General Manager of Chongqing Cummins

         Li Lijun, Sales Director of Chongqing Cummins Electric Power Market

Yu Hai: “As Cummins’ first joint venture engine company in China, Chongqing Cummins has been operating for nearly 30 years. Relying on the strong support of our partners, Chongqing Cummins is moving forward steadily. In the future, we will deepen our cooperation with our partners strategic coordination to achieve greater common development. The key to us winning the market is to implement the “customer-centered” concept from beginning to end. We firmly believe that user satisfaction and trust are the driving force for corporate development. In the future, Chongqing Cummins will We will continue to improve our comprehensive operational capabilities and create more value for our partners and users.”

Li Lijun: “Chongqing Cummins achieved its best performance in the past ten years in 2023, which cannot be achieved without the company and support of every partner. In 2024, Chongqing Cummins will continue to work with OEMs in market channels, key industry markets, and services We will conduct in-depth cooperation in terms of responsiveness, product application support, etc., deeply explore market segments, penetrate terminals, improve adaptability in multiple dimensions, and work hard to achieve our common dream goal.”

To: Dear Customers Thank you for your continued trust and support for Chongqing Cummins. Due to the upgrade of our company’s M11 series products, we will stop selling MTA11-G2 and MTAA11-G3 from now on. products, we sincerely recommend that you choose our company’s QSM11 series products with the same power We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to your company! Notice hereby!

As the market has developed so far, its application needs have developed in a diversified way. Chongqing Cummins will redouble its efforts to improve product development efficiency, respond more quickly to the product and application needs of partners and users, and strive to become the first choice of power equipment for the majority of users. And this is what we have always adhered to.

Cummins M11-3

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