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Cummins Electric PowerBloc™ Released and Quickly Gained Market Recognition

Dec 9, 2022 | Special Products | 0 comments

On December 7, 2022, the 50th Cummins Power PowerBloc™ containerized diesel generator set was shipped from Cummins Power (China) Co., Ltd., and it will be applied to a large data center in Beijing Daxing together with 19 brothers. The cloud computing data center with the deployment capacity of 4000 cabinets provides reliable power guarantee. Cummins PowerBloc™ was quickly recognized by the market shortly after its launch and set many records.
In May 2021, PowerBloc™ was released for the first time at the Data Center Backup Power System Xiangshan Forum, and completed its debut in the Cummins Power Live Room, and ordered 3 units online. The product was born out of nowhere, and it has attracted the attention of the industry for its precise solution to the pain points of data center customers. The product quality and service capabilities accumulated by Cummins Power over the past century, as well as the experience and expertise in the field of data center backup power for many years, have given customers full confidence.
Cummins Electric PowerBloc™ released and quickly gained market recognition-2
The first batch of PowerBloc™ was applied to a data center in Hebei

Containerized units are widely used in data center backup power systems. Various containers have their own advantages, but not all containerized units can be called Cummins PowerBloc™. Through the reasonable design of the air intake and exhaust system and the layout of the internal structure, the high integration and excellent performance are perfectly integrated.

Cummins Electric PowerBloc™ released and quickly gained market recognition-3
Stacked PowerBloc™ Units

The quiet effect of Cummins PowerBloc™ meets and exceeds national standards. On the premise of integration, high efficiency and reliability, Cummins PowerBloc™ also fully considers customer experience. Even if it is placed in the living area, it will not affect residents, which is impossible for ordinary container units. comparable.

Cummins Electric PowerBloc™ released and quickly gained market recognition

A data center in Malaysia

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PowerBloc™ exported to Malaysia

The advantage of Cummins PowerBloc™ lies in its high pre-integration: highly integrated diesel generator sets, water tanks, fuel tanks, mufflers, electrical switchgear, fire protection systems, and at the same time meet the CSC standard 40-foot high cabinet container, unimpeded international shipping; quick plug interface , fast refueling port, which can meet the needs of rapid construction of data center backup power system, rapid commissioning and delivery. In August 2022, 16 C2500D5A Cummins PowerBloc™ diesel generator sets and the supporting DMC8000 parallel control system will go to Malaysia together with Chinese data center builders to serve overseas customers.

The construction period of the project was only 6 months, the prefabricated modules were assembled on site in Malaysia only 30 days, and it took 3 months from assembly to project completion and delivery. The project has been officially put into operation in October 2022, opening a new model of modular data center construction for China’s container going overseas.
As an important part of modular data center construction, the prefabricated modular designed Cummins PowerBloc™ containerized power supply system makes all this possible.

With the landing and operation of multiple Cummins PowerBloc™ projects, its low-carbon, time-saving, land-saving and money-saving advantages have been fully verified, and orders are pouring in.Cummins Power (China) Co., Ltd. has become more and more perfect for the production of PowerBloc™. Under the influence of many factors such as epidemic prevention and control, through closed-loop management and other measures, it has ensured that 20 units of Cummins PowerBloc™ will be delivered on schedule within two weeks.

Cummins Power PowerBloc™ containerized diesel generator set was born to solve the pain points of data center backup power system construction. It pioneered the realization of pre-integrated and modular product models, making it possible for rapid construction and rapid delivery. The highly integrated Cummins PowerBloc™ not only ensures strong and stable power output, but also greatly reduces the footprint, and its stacking mode saves space to the extreme.

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