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Cummins Helps Double Carbon Accelerate Zero Carbon Goal

Nov 30, 2022 | Special Application | 0 comments

Stephen Saxby, vice president of Cummins and CTO of China, said: “As a provider of diversified power, the application market we face is very complex, and the large-span application scenarios bring greater technical challenges. However, Cummins has always fulfilled its zero-carbon commitment. We are well aware of customer needs. Under the guidance of the “zero-carbon goal” strategy, we apply existing and new technologies to products to meet the needs of different applications, help the industry’s energy transition, and promote carbon emission. Peak, carbon neutral goals achieved.”Aiming at the goal of zero carbon, for multi-scenario applications, Cummins’ full range of low-carbon and zero-carbon power solutions were unveiled at the event site.
Cummins helps double carbon accelerate zero carbon goal-1
Cummins helps double carbon accelerate zero carbon goal-2

New high-efficiency diesel engine

Cummins helps double carbon accelerate zero carbon goal-3

National VI Natural Gas Clean Power

Cummins helps double carbon accelerate zero carbon goal-4

15H hydrogen internal combustion engine

Cummins’ new generation of non-road national four powertrains debuted. Cummins Guosi Power optimizes product features in an all-round way, and achieves a higher level of cost reduction and income increase in terms of automation, intelligence and digitalization through deep links with OEMs. Through the optimization of the intake and exhaust system, the optimization of the combustion system, and the integration optimization with the hydraulic system of different equipment, the operating efficiency is significantly improved under different working conditions.

As a clean energy, natural gas is an important starting point for “carbon emission reduction”. For the Chinese market, Cummins has tailored new National VI natural gas engine products, including 15N, 12N, and 6.7N.

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As an important product of the Cummins multi-fuel engine platform, hydrogen internal combustion engines can use green hydrogen and zero-carbon fuels, expanding new technical approaches for energy conservation and emission reduction.

On the road to “zero carbon”, Cummins will continue to develop integrated power chain technology, upgrade intelligent brain control technology, realize deep integrated control of power chain, and improve cycle efficiency in vehicle operation; at the same time, continue to develop power chain braking system, Integrated control of engine braking, hydraulic retarder, and brakes combined with AMT shifting provides customers with a more optimized power chain braking system. In addition, the company will continue to strengthen industry cooperation and collaborative innovation, and match appropriate power chain solutions for various types of power and different working conditions to help achieve the zero-carbon goal.


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