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Electrolyzed Water Hydrogen Production Unit Successfully Delivered

Dec 29, 2022 | Special Application | 0 comments

On December 25, Sinopec’s megawatt-level renewable electricity electrolysis hydrogen production demonstration project was successfully put into operation in Zhongyuan Oilfield. The 2.5MW containerized proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolysis water hydrogen production system provided by CCEC was responsible for the project’s zero-carbon Green hydrogen production.

CCEC HyLYZER®-500 hydrogen production equipment is supplied in containers, and each supporting system is highly integrated in two standard 40-foot containers. The system will use two 1.25MW electrolyzers with a total rated hydrogen production capacity of 500Nm³/h. The equipment has successfully settled in the industrial park. After less than 2 months of intensive installation and completion of various system tests, it has been officially put into use. CCEC also formulated a complete supporting solution for the project to ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment.

Cummins electrolysis water hydrogen production equipment (4)

This is Sinopec’s first 2.5MW water electrolysis hydrogen production demonstration project, and it is also the largest proton exchange membrane water electrolysis hydrogen production device that has started operation in China, marking a major breakthrough for Sinopec in the field of green hydrogen. The project will integrate wind power, electrolytic hydrogen production, hydrogen purification, storage and transportation and other multi-system full chains, and support the construction of a 3.66MW photovoltaic power station and a 9MW wind power project to provide green kinetic energy for the project to be put into operation.

Cummins electrolysis water hydrogen production equipment (1)

The project will use “green electricity” to produce “green hydrogen”, realize zero carbon emissions in the whole process, and the purity of green hydrogen will reach 99.9995%. The hydrogen produced every day can be used by 106 buses for a full day, with an annual production capacity of nearly 400 tons, effectively promoting The development of China’s hydrogen energy industry helps to achieve the goal of “double carbon”.

Cummins electrolysis water hydrogen production equipment (2)
In the past 70 years, CCEC and its affiliated companies have provided more than 600 sets of electrolyzed water equipment to the world, including more than 70 sets of PEM electrolyzed water equipment, including the largest 20MW PEM electrolyzed water project in operation in the world, located in Quebec, Canada , The daily hydrogen production is about 8.2 tons.
Cummins electrolysis water hydrogen production equipment (3)
CCEC’ new energy business will provide Chinese users with end-to-end green hydrogen solutions for the entire industry chain through continuous technological and product innovation, as well as strong localized operation and service capabilities.

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