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Dongkang Integrated Power Chain Walks With You

Feb 24, 2023 | Special Application | 0 comments

Will persistence usher in hope?
Will persistence lead to a better future?

If it falls, will it stand up again?
If you fall behind, do you still want to lead again?
If you hesitate, can you still believe in yourself?

When sweat mingles with tears
Those who have gone forward have already given the answer
Walking with Dongkang integrated power chain
Move, cross new limits
Pass all the way and show your talents

crossing mountains and crossing mountains and rivers
Traveled on long-distance trunk lines for many years
Stay focused and ready to shift gears
Persevere in fatigue are you tired
Winning AMT liberates left foot and right hand
More than ten driving modes predictive shifting
Intelligently respond to various complex road conditions

Dongkang Integrated Power Chain Walks With You (1)
Dongkang Integrated Power Chain Walks With You (2)
Getting a driver’s license for the first time is difficult
Difficult to park in reverse, even more helpless on slopes
Hesitating and wandering, ready to retreat
Lost in confusion, you are helpless, right?
Dongfeng CCEC integrated power chain
Applicable to automatic start and creep, forward and reverse
Glide in neutral to increase gliding distance
Strength to reduce fuel costs
L mode uphill maintenance power
Improved braking effect on downhill slopes
Easier and safer for beginners

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