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The Latest Service Mine Engine Group Program

Mar 9, 2023 | Special Application | 0 comments

In a mine in Xichang, Sichuan, several CCEC K38 engines have been on the front line for a long time, providing strong power support for the operation, and the actual running time of some equipment exceeds 40,000 hours. With the extension of equipment service life, the cost of overhaul is also gradually rising.
For a long time, CCEC has insisted on providing customers with product life cycle guarantee support, from continuous improvement of technology and product performance to more cost-effective aftermarket solutions, to help customers succeed in all aspects.
In order to help customers increase efficiency and reduce costs, and prolong the service life of engines, CCEC has formulated an engine assembly machine plan based on customers’ actual production needs, taking into account business sustainability, on-site operation and maintenance standardization, and TCO cost optimization.
Mine Engine Group Program
Mine Engine Group Program (2)

Before assembly

Mine Engine Group Program (3)


Mine Engine Group Program (4)

after assembly

The engine block, crankshaft and other core components are replaced with new ones, and have undergone rigorous testing to ensure product reliability. In addition, CCEC also provides customers with better TCO solutions to help customers reduce costs.
The assembly machine solution has significant advantages and has become the first choice for customer value:

1.It has the advantages of new engine life cycle, new machine warranty, new machine quality technology and all original parts;

2.Greatly save maintenance and labor maintenance costs;

3.The reliability of the engine is enhanced, the risk of failure is reduced, and the attendance rate of the mine car is ensured.


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