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The Power of Agricultural Machinery Must be Selected

Apr 6, 2023 | Special Application | 0 comments

The city cannot accommodate the flesh
There is no room for the soul in the countryside
How to choose between material and spiritual?
Many people choose the former
Fill the stomach to better the spirit


Just look for CCEC

more and more people

Years after the end of the big city wandering

Choose to stay in the countryside and vigorously develop agriculture

According to the characteristics of power applications in the industry, relying on a well-known, mature and reliable basic platform, CCEC applies Euro IV, Euro V and road country VI advanced technologies to create a brand-new, serialized, and comprehensive non-road country IV product. . Product performance is excellent, quality is guaranteed!

CCEC non-road country four power has B3.9, B5.9, L9Plus and other engine modelsThe horsepower covers a wide range, each bursts with strong power,Easily handle all kinds of high-intensity farming,Easy to learn and use for novices.

CCEC non-road national four power, adopts high-efficiency supercharging technology, and the output is still stable at high altitudes. The oil pre-lubrication system fully lubricates moving parts, effectively reduces wear and prolongs service life, durable and reliable. High-intensity farming is easy to handle.

The Power of Agricultural (3)
The power of agricultural (1)
CCEC non-road national four power,Equipped with intelligent electronic control system.Stay at home and monitor your health at any time,Real-time early warning and statistical operation data,Intelligent control saves time and effort, making operation easier.
The Power of Agricultural (4)
Staying in the countryside to farm without good tools. CCEC non-four power comes for you, efficient operation; shorten the time of wind and sun. Reliable operation, shorten the high frequency of attendance, intelligent operation, reduce manpower, material and financial resources
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