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Cummins’ New X-Series Engine Platform Unveiled at IAA

Oct 10, 2022 | Industry Company Dynamics | 0 comments

About the All-New X-Series Engines

The new X-Series engines can use a variety of low-carbon and zero-carbon fuels, providing users with hydrogen internal combustion engines, biogas engines and advanced diesel engine options. The new generation of X-series engines will be available in 15L and 10L displacements to meet future ultra-low emission regulations including the upcoming Euro 7 standard (expected to be implemented in 2027), helping to accelerate the decarbonization of long-haul heavy-duty truck fleets.



New Multi-Fuel 15L X-Series Engine

Among them, the X15H hydrogen internal combustion engine can use zero-carbon hydrogen fuel, and the X15N natural gas engine can use biogas fuel, reducing carbon emissions by 90%. The power of the X15H is up to 530hp (395kW), and the power of the X15N is up to 510hp (380kW). The next-generation advanced X15 diesel engine can run on hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO) or B100 biodiesel fuel with up to 650hp (485kW) for demanding heavy-duty transportation.
The new-generation X10 diesel engine has a maximum power of 450hp (335kW), which meets the requirements of heavy trucks under severe working conditions, provides lightweight and compact power options for vehicles with a total weight of 26 to 44 tons, and maximizes the payload capacity of the vehicle. Moreover, the engine is compatible with the low-entry cab design to meet the needs of urban operations. Like the X15 platform, the new X10 series engines are also available for a variety of fuels, and are expected to offer a choice of hydrogen internal combustion engines and biogas engines.

“In addition to excellent environmental performance, the new-generation X-series engine has significantly improved power density and a more compact design, allowing truck manufacturers to design vehicles more easily. In addition, the X15 and X10 engines use a global modular architecture, which can Compatible with different model configurations, it meets the requirements of local emission regulations and different customer preferences.” Trueblood added.

The new X-Series platform engine features a dual overhead camshaft design that achieves significant improvements in combustion and thermal efficiency, while allowing for more efficient engine braking. The X-series engine adopts an advanced friction-reducing design to reduce the friction loss of the engine, and at the same time, with the help of the advanced cylinder block casting process, the weight of the product is further reduced.


X10 engine developed for Euro 7 emission standard

The X10 engine adopts Cummins’ latest XPI ultra-high pressure fuel injection system and electric wastegate turbocharger. Compared with the Euro VI engine of the same displacement, the fuel economy can be improved by up to 7% (different working conditions). In addition, the peak torque of the X10 engine is as high as 2300Nm, which improves the engine response speed and vehicle drivability.

In the 320-450hp (240-335kW) power range, with Cummins’ latest compact crossover (HDCC) aftertreatment system, the X10 engine meets Euro 7 ultra-low emission regulations. The modular design of HDCC integrates dual selective catalytic reduction (SCR) devices, and a dual urea injection system is installed, which can inject urea aqueous solution for vehicles before and after the close-coupled SCR to achieve ultra-low emissions.

New generation X15 series engine

The X15H hydrogen internal combustion engine adopts efficient in-cylinder direct injection lean burn technology, can use zero-carbon green hydrogen fuel, power covers 400-530hp (298-395kW), and peak torque is as high as 2600Nm. Equipped with a 700bar high-pressure large-capacity hydrogen storage system, the heavy-duty truck powered by the X15H hydrogen internal combustion engine is expected to provide a potential cruising range of over 1,000 kilometers. The hydrogenation time of hydrogen internal combustion engine vehicles is short, only about 15 minutes.

The X15 advanced diesel engine is equipped with Cummins’ latest XPI ultra-high pressure fuel injection system, with a power coverage of 450-650hp (335-485kW) and a peak torque of 3200Nm. Using B100 biodiesel can reduce carbon emissions by 70%, and using hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO) renewable fuel can reduce carbon emissions by up to 90%.

The X15N engine uses renewable biogas fuel to provide the truck with a power output of 400-510hp (298-380kW) and a peak torque of 2500Nm. Equipped with a large-capacity liquefied gas (LNG) gas storage tank, the heavy-duty tractor can achieve a cruising range of 1,000 kilometers. In addition, the X15N adopts a silent design with low noise, which is very suitable for urban operations.


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