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Provide Linde With 35MW Green Hydrogen Production System

Dec 22, 2022 | Industrial Trend | 0 comments

Cummins will provide 35MW green hydrogen production system for Linde Hydrogen Plant

Linde Group
It is a leading company in the field of hydrogen production, processing, storage and distribution, and its liquid hydrogen production capacity and distribution system are second to none in the world. The company operates the world’s first batch of high-purity hydrogen storage facilities and a pipeline network of about 1,000 kilometers around the world, providing customers with stable and reliable hydrogen supply.

The electrolyzed water hydrogen production equipment splits water into oxygen and hydrogen. Hydrogen can be stored in compressed gas or liquid state. As a high energy density, clean and environmentally friendly energy source, it can help reduce carbon in industries facing decarbonization challenges such as heavy transportation and industrial production.
Cummins will provide 35MW green hydrogen production system for Linde Hydrogen Plant~1

“This project is not only a milestone for CCEC, but also a milestone for the energy transition in the United States.” Amy Davis, vice president of CCEC and president of new energy power business, said, “The 35MW electrolysis water hydrogen production project of the Linde plant highlights our commitment to promote the green hydrogen economy. It validates our ability to support large-scale production of green hydrogen with innovative technology.”

CCEC provides Linde with an industry-leading water electrolysis hydrogen production system, which is easy to install on site and can expand production capacity as needed. In the plant, the electrolysis of water and hydrogen production equipment is powered by hydroelectric power, ensuring that the hydrogen production process is zero-carbon and environmentally friendly.

CCEC has a long history and technical accumulation in advanced technology and engineering capabilities, and continues to innovate and expand multiple renewable energy hydrogen production and zero-emission technologies, including PEM, alkaline and solid oxide electrolysis hydrogen production technologies.

CCEC provided a 35 megawatt (MW) proton exchange membrane (PEM) water electrolysis hydrogen production system for Linde Group’s new hydrogen production plant in Niagara Falls, New York. A hydrogen plant provides the power. The project marks a major progress in the development of the green hydrogen economy.


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