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CCEC Gas G-Drive Engine

CCEC reliable and durable Gas Generator Drive Engine diesel engine providing global G-OEMs with a cost-effective and fully integrated Gas Generator Drive Engine product.

CCEC generator drive engines covering displacement from 10.8 to 50 liters, with power range from 175kW to 1582kW.

Multiple configurations can be provided to fit different performance level of Gen-set. The mechanical governor advantage is safety, stability and low-cost, it can meet G1 level; The electronic governor and ECM advantage provide accurate speed control, it can meet G2 & G3 and even higher requirement.

As part of EMAC, SinoGen also provide complete power supply solutions that powered by CCEC our ranges of products including open type generator set, silence type generator set, super silence type generator set, mobile trailer, complete power truck and complete power car for railways applications. We provide full life cycle services for all customers, from design to power system supply, from installation to commissioning, from after-sales service training to spare parts supply, from trouble shooting to overhaul technical support.

Advantages of Gas G-Drive Engine

Large low speed torque, wide range of torque output, quicker start ability in mountainous areas, powerful climbing abilities, high plain driving speed, transport mileage per unit time is longer brings higher working efficiency for trucks powered by CCEC.
CCEC automotive engines originated from the CMS advanced design and superior manufacture, lower 20% oil consumption than congeneric products. Rely on excellent reliability, Lower maintenance and repair costs, CCEC automotive engines has been widely used in all kinds of vehicles including light, medium and heavy trucks, medium and high-grade intercity buses, and large and medium-sized buses.

Find Gas G-Drive Engines by Type

This is the list of all types of CCEC Gas G-Drive Engines.
Click here to find gas g-drive engines by series.

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