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KTA50 Auxiliary

CCEC K50-DM series marine auxiliary engine is V Type 16-cylinder, 50.2 liters four-strokes engine with 159 mm (6.25 in) bore and 159 mm (6.25 in) stroke. CCEC K50-DM series marine auxiliary engine equipped with PT Fuel System, comes with turbocharger. The power range of CCEC K50-DM series marine auxiliary engine is from 1470 HP to 1730 HP (1097 kW to 1290 kW). The torque range of the K50-DM Series marine auxiliary engine is 6978 N.m to 7516 N.m.
CCEC marine auxiliary engines have different configurations which have different power output, with code T in the engine model name means turbocharged engine, code TA in the engine model means turbocharge with water-air intercooler and code TAA in the engine model means turbocharge with air-air intercooler. All CCEC marine auxiliary engine are comes with dry type exhaust system, which means dry type exhaust manifold and dry type turbocharger, SeaMac provides upgrading services for water-cooled exhaust system, which modify dry type exhaust system into water-cooled exhaust system, which are quite important and often requested by passenger boat projects.

Advantages of KTA50 Auxiliary Engine

·Emission Advantage
It meets the requirements of China Inland River 1, China Inland River 2, and IMO TIER2 stage emission regulations, and adopts the BHT3B supercharger optimized by Chongqing CMI for marine engines. and emissions, while enhancing engine reliability.
·Advanced PT Fuel System
With high injection pressure, overspeed protection, low-pressure fuel supply, fewer pipelines, and low failure rate, it can ensure full fuel combustion and achieve high-efficiency energy-saving effects. The equipped ESTC electronic oil timing control valve can accurately supplement and adjust the timing and improve the combustion smoke color at low idle speed.

KTA50 Mechanical Marine Auxiliary Engine

All models of CCEC KTA50 Mechanical Marine Auxiliary Engine.

CCEC K50 – DM1097 Auxiliary Engine

CCEC K50 – DM1097 Auxiliary Engine

Power: 1097 kW (1470 HP) @ 1500 RPM
Rating Type: Prime Power
Fuel System: Direct Injection CMI STC
Aspiration: TC& Water-Air Intercooler
Emission Standard: N/A

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