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QSK19-P760 Pump Engine

CCEC QSK19-C760(2100 RPM) Pump Drive Engine is a 6-cylinder inline, 19 liters four-strokes engine with 159 mm (6.25 in) bore and 159 mm (6.25 in) stroke.

QSK19-C760 Pump Drive Engine equipped with CCECModular Common Rail Fuel System, comes with turbocharger and Air-Air intercooler, with a EURO II post-processor. The Advertised power at 2100 RPM of CCEC QSK19-C760 pump drive engine is 760 HP (567 kW), The maximum torque of the engine at 1500 RPM is 3084 N.m.

As part of EMAC, DuraMac provides complete powertrain that integrated with CCEC engine, Fast-Eaton clutch, FAST-CAT transmission, Dongfeng-DANA axle and Komman air suspension, while the electrification of automobile is the certain future, Duramac also get involved with EV powertrain system. 

We provide full life cycle services for all customers, from design to power system supply, from installation to commissioning, from after-sales service training to spare parts supply, from trouble shooting to overhaul technical support.

Advantages of CCEC QSK19-C760 Pump Engine

  • Lower oil consumptionExtended strokethe expansion of the combustion gas more fully, Increase effective efficiency output, the economy is better.

  • Strong poweradvanced 4 air valves structure, greater horsepower, air burning more thoroughly, while making low speed torque increase, quicken response speedily, climb strongly.

  • Excellent reliability, with compulsive cold cut articulated pistons, Can bear extreme high mechanical load and heat load, Strength can be comparable with heavy engine.

  • Better emissions, Decorate injector and symmetrical combustion chamber in center, make the cylinder is more homogeneous mixture, burning more fully, lower emissions.

  • Super life, 30% engines 800,000 km without overhaul.

  • Excellence power, Clean burning, use the advanced lean-burn closed loop electronic control system.

  • Excellent cold start performance, equipped with air suction electric preheater and 7.8 kw power starter, completely improve the cold start performance of the engine. Through the arctic village-MoHe of China-36°C extreme low temperature validation.

Technical Specifications

Basic Introduction of CCEC QSK19-P760 Pump Engine

Engine Model:QSK19-P760
Engine Type:4 Cycle In-line 6 Cylinder
Displacement:19 L
Rated Speed:2100 RPM
Aspiration Method:Turbocharged & Air-Air Intercooler
Emission Standard:U.S. EPA Tier 2
Bore * Stroke:158.75 mm * 158.75 mm
Packing Size(L * W * H):2857 mm * 1415 mm * 1766 mm
Wet Weight:2072 kg
Lead Time:15-30 Working Days
Payment Terms:T/T ,L/C

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Engine Model

Advertised power

Peak Torque

Curve & Datasheet

Compression Ratio

Fuel System

QSK19-P506  377 kW @ 1800 RPM2755 N.m (2032 lb-ft) @ 1300 RPMFR-455015.8 : 1MCRS
QSK19-P525391 kW @ 2000 RPM1775 lb-ft (2407 N.m) @ 1500 RPMFR-456615.8 : 1N / A
QSK19-P560A418 kW @ 2000 RPM1950 lb-ft (2644 N.m) @ 1500 RPMFR-452215.8 : 1MCRS
QSK19-P560B418 kW @ 2000 RPM1775 lb-ft (2407 N.m) @ 1500 RPMFR-456715.8 : 1N / A
QSK19-P600447 kW @ 2000 RPM1950 lb-ft (2643 N.m) @ 1500 RPMFR-456515.8 : 1N / A
QSK19-P675 503 kW @ 1800 RPM2200 lb-ft (2983 N.m) @ 1500 RPMFR-451015.8 : 1N / A
QSK19-P700A522 kW @ 2000 RPM2200 lb-ft (2983 N.m) @ 1500 RPMFR-455615.8 : 1MCRS
QSK19-P700B522 kW @ 1800 RPM2199 lb-ft (2981 N.m) @ 1500 RPMFR-456416MCRS
QSK19-P760567 kW @ 2100 RPM2275 lb-ft (3084 N.m) @ 1500 RPMFR-454915.0 : 1MCRS
QSK19-P800 597 kW @ 2100 RPM2276 lb-ft (3086 N.m) @ 1500 RPMFR-455115.0 : 1MCRS

General Infomation of CCEC QSK19-P760 Pump Engine

Engine ModelQSK19-P760Emission CertificationU.S. EPA Tier 2
Advertised Power760 BHP (567 kW) @ 2100 RPMPeak Torque2275 lb-ft (3084 N.m) @ 1500 RPM
Curve & DatAsheetFR-4549Governed PowerN / A
Compression Ratio15.0 : 1Packing Size(L * W * H)2857 mm * 1415 mm * 1766 mm
Type4 Cycle  In-line  6 CylinderDisplacement1159 in³ (19.0 L)
Fuel System MCRSBore * Stroke6.25  in * 6.25 in / 158.75 mm * 158.75 mm
AspirationTurbocharged & Air-Air IntercoolerMinimum Low Idle Speed600 RPM
ConfigurationD193101CX03Maximum Low Idle Speed1200 RPM
CPL Code3242

Engine Sound Pressure Levels3 (Noise) Data of CCEC QSK19-C760 Pump Engine

Top Side96.6 dBaRight Side102.2 dBa
Left Side100.0 dBaFront Side102.1 dBa
Exhaust Moise with Aftertreatment122.2 dBa

General Engine Data of CCEC QSK19-C760 Pump Engine

Approximate Engine Weight (Wet)⁴4569 lbm / 2072 kgMaximum Overspeed Capability2400 RPM
Maximum Installed Engine Power Angle6 °Maximum Installed Engine Tilt Angle6 °
MAss Moment of Inertia of Rotating Components (Excluding Flywheel)16.07 in-lbf-sec² / 1.82 kg-m2Approximate Engine Weight (dry)N / A

Engine Mounting Data of CCEC QSK19-C760 Pump Engine

Moment of Inertia — X-Axis (Roll)1447 in-lbf-sec² / 163.4 kg-m2Moment of Inertia — Y-Axis (Pitch)3844 in-lbf-sec² / 434.3 kg-m2
Moment of Inertia — Z-Axis (Yaw)3041 in-lbf-sec² /  343.6 kg-m2Center of Gravity — From Rear Face of Block23.55 in / 598 mm
Maximum Crankshaft Thrust Bearing Load Limit — Intermittent Load1500 lbf / 6672 NMaximum Bending Moment Available From Front of Crankshaft — 270 Degrees440 lb-ft / 597 N.m
Maximum Static Bending Moment at  Rear Face of Block2730 lb-ft / 3702 N.mMaximum Crankshaft Thrust Bearing Load Limit — Continuous Load750 lbf / 3336 N
Center of Gravity — From Engine Centerline to Left Side of Engine (as Viewed From Rear of Engine)N / AMaximum Bending Moment Available From Front of Crankshaft — 0 Degrees440 lb-ft / 597 N.m
Maximum Bending Moment Available From Front of Crankshaft — 90 Degrees440 lb-ft / 597 N.mMaximum Bending Moment Available From Front of Crankshaft — 180 Degrees440 lb-ft / 597 N.m
Center of Gravity — Above Crankshaft Centerline11.10 in /  282 mm

High Temperature Circuit (HTC) of CCEC QSK19-C760 Pump Engine

HTC Coolant Volume (Engine Only)44 quarts / 42 LMaximum External HTC Restriction5 PSI / 34.5 kPa
HTC Thermostat Opening Temperature180 °F / 82 °CMaximum Auxiliary Coolant Flow at 2100 RpmN / A
Maximum HTC Thermostat Outlet Temperature at Lat (Maximum Top Tank Temperature)212 °F / 100 °CMinimum Operating HTC Temperature (For Continuous Cold Weather Applications)160 °F / 71 °C
HTC Thermostat Fully Open Temperature202 °F / 94 °C

Performance Data of CCEC QSK19-P700A Pump Engine

Advertised PowerPeak TorqueAdvertised PowerPeak Torque
Engine Speed (RPM)2,1001,500Inlet Air Flow (ft3/min / L/s)1,9449171,284606
Power Output (HP / kW)760567650485Charge Air Flow (lb/min / kg/min)140639342
Torque Output (lb-ft / N.m)1,9012,5772,2753,084Exhaust Gas Flow (ft3/min / L/s)4,5872,1653,6261,711
Friction Horsepower (HP / kW)100755743Exhaust Gas Temperature (°F / ℃)8254411,033556
Intake Manifold Pressure (in-Hg / kPa)6823257192Heat Rejection to Ambien Air (BTU/min / kW)2,856502,36642
Turbo Comp. Outlet Pressure (in-Hg / kPa)7224559199Heat Rejection to Exhaust Gas (BTU/min / kW)27,33948121,790383
Turbo Comp. Outlet Temperature (°F / ℃)390199354179Heat Rejection to HTC Coolant  (BTU/min / kW)10,68418811,048194

System Technical Data of CCEC QSK19-P760 Pump Engine

Intake Air SystemMaximum Air Temperature Rise Over Ambient at Turbocharger Compressor Inlet30 delta °F / 16.7 delta °C
Maximum Intake Air Restriction with-Clean Filter15 in-H2O /  3.7 kPa
Maximum Intake Air Restriction with-Dirty Filter25 in-H2O /  6.2 kPa
Minimum Air Cleaner Dirt Holding Capacity25 g / cfm
Maximum Intake Air Bleed for Accessories at  Intake Manifold (Not Including Air Compressor)N / A
Recommended Intake Piping Size (Inner Diameter)5.8 in / 147 mm
Exhaust SystemMaximum Exhaust Restriction3 in-Hg / 10 kPa
Recommended Exhaust Piping Size (Inner Diameter)8.00 in / 203 mm
Maximum Static Bending Moment at  Exhaust Outlet Flange20 lb-ft / 27 N.m
Lubrication SystemNominal Operating Oil Pressure at -Minimum Low Idle Speed20 PSI / 138 kPa
Nominal Operating Oil Pressure at -Advertised Speed70 PSI / 483 kPa
Minimum Oil Pressure Within 4 Seconds of Engine First Firing at  Minimum Low Idle Speed (MeAsured at  Urbocharger Oil Inlet)17 PSI / 117 kPa
Maximum Oil Flow to All Accessories5 gpm / 18.93 L/min
Maximum Oil Pressure Spike on Cold Engine150 PSI / 1034 kPa
Fuel SystemMaximum Heat Rejection to Return Fuel Which Occurs at  The Following Conditions155 BTU/min / 3 kW
Maximum Heat Rejection to Return Fuel Which Occurs at  The Following Conditions-Fuel Return Flow624 lb/hr / 283 kg/hr
Maximum Heat Rejection to Return Fuel Which Occurs at  The Following Conditions-Fuel Return Temperature (Prior to Fuel Cooler)150 °F / 66 °C
Maximum Fuel Supply Flow891 lb/hr / 404 kg/hr
Maximum Fuel Return Flow624 lb/hr / 283 kg/hr
Maximum Fuel Supply Temperature (MeAsured at  On-Engine Fuel Inlet Fitting)160 °F / 71 °C
Maximum Fuel Supply Pressure (MeAsured at  On-Engine Fuel Inlet Fitting)N / A
Maximum Fuel Return Restriction (MeAsured at  On-Engine Fuel Drain Fitting)21 in-Hg /  71 kPa
Maximum fuel supply flow across Stage 1 filter(s)817 lb/hr / 370.6 kg/hr
Fuel System-Stage 1 filter(s)Maximum Combined Fuel Supply Restriction of Stage 1 Assembly & Oem Plumbing (MeAsured at  On-Engine Fuel Inlet Fitting) with-Clean Stage 1 Fuel Filter(S) at  Maximum Fuel Supply Flow5 in-Hg /  16.9 kPa
Maximum Combined Fuel Supply Restriction of Stage 1 Assembly & Oem Plumbing (MeAsured at  On-Engine Fuel Inlet Fitting) with-Dirty Stage 1 Fuel Filter(S) at  Maximum Fuel Supply Flow10 in-Hg /  34.0 kPa
Nominal Restriction of Clean Stage 1 Fuel Filter Assembly at  Maximum Fuel Supply Flow2 in-Hg /  6.8 kPa
Maximum Fuel Inlet Pressure MeAsured at  Stage 1 Inlet5 PSI / 34.0 kPa
Recommended Maximum Fuel Inlet Pressure for Seeing Is Believing® (MeAsured at  Stage 1 Inlet)1 PSI / 6.8 kPa
Cooling SystemsCooling System Type1 Pump-1 Loop
Minimum Fill Rate5 gpm / 19 L/min
Maximum Deaeration Time25 min
Acceptable Types of Deaeration SystemsFully Deaerating
Minimum Water Pump Inlet Pressure with Fully Deaerating Cooling SystemN / A
Maximum Static Head of Coolant Above Crankshaft Centerline60 ft / 18.3 m
Minimum Pressure Cap Rating at  Sea Level7 PSI / 48 kPa
Maximum Pressure Cap Rating at  Sea Level15 PSI / 103 kPa
Minimum Coolant Expansion Space (% of Total Cooling System Capacity)5%
Minimum Drawdown (% of Total Cooling System Capacity)11%
Charge-Air Cooling (CAC) SystemMaximum Intake Manifold Temperature at  77 °F (25 °C) Ambient Air Temperature140 °F / 60 °C
Maximum Pressure Drop Across Charge-Air Cooler And Oem Cac Piping (Impd)4 in-Hg / 14 kPa
Maximum Intake Manifold Temperature Differential (Ambient to Imt) (Imtd)63 delta °F / 35 delta °C
Electrical SystemSystem Voltage24 V
Minimum Battery Capacity for Engine Only [Cold Soak at 0 °F (- 18 °C) Or Above]-Cold Cranking Amperes (Cca)900 CCA
Minimum Battery Capacity for Engine Only [Cold Soak at 0 °F (- 18 °C) Or Above]-Reserve Capacity (Rc)320 min
Cranking SystemMinimum Cranking Speed150 RPM
Maximum Parasitic Load 10 °F (- 12 °C)N / A
Unaided Cold Start-Minimum Ambient Temperature10 °F / -12.2 °C
Unaided Cold Start-Cranking Torque at Minimum Unaided Cold Start Temperature1302 lb-ft / 1765 N.m
Aided Cold Start-Minimum Ambient Temperature with Only Ether– 5 °F /-20.6 °C
Aided Cold Start -Minimum Ambient Temperature with Only Coolant And Oil Heaters– 5 °F /-20.6 °C

Scopes of Supply of CCEC QSK19-P760 Pump Engine

Air Intake System1. Air Intake ManifoldExhuast System1. Exhuast Manifold
2. Water-air Intercooler2. Turbocharger
3. N/A3. Exhuast Elbow
Fuel System1. Fuel transfer pumpStarting System1. Starter motor
2. High-pressure fuel pump2. Starter rely
3. Fuel Filter3. N/A
Charging System1. Charging alternatorEngine Shut-Down System1. Engine fuel shut-off solenoid
Lubricating System1. Oil pumpCooling System1. Water pump
2. Oil filter2. Engine Fan
3. N/A3. Standard radiator
Power Output System1. FlywheelEngine Mounting System1. Engine Mouting Bracket
2. Standard flywheel housing2. N/A
Engine Auiliary Accessories1. Air compressor
2. Power steering pump

Optional Accessories of CCEC QSK19-P760 Pump Engine

Air Intake System1. Air Intake pre-heaterExhuast System1. Muffler & bellows
2. Air intake shut-off valve2. Flame trap
3. Air filter3. Spark arrestor type Muffler & bellows
4. Air intake pre-filter4. DPF system
5. Air filter alarm system5. N/A
Fuel System1. Coarse FilterStarting System1.Manual Magnetic DC Contactor
2. Fuel pre-heater2. Dual ears flywheel housing
3. N/A3. Spring Starter Motor
4. N/A4. Air Starter Motor
5. N/A5. Hydraulic Starter Motor
Lubricating System1. Oil pre-heater.Cooling System1. Silent Type Radiator
2. N/A2. Plateau Radiator
3. N/A3. Salt-Spray Resistant Radiator
4. N/A4. Coolant pre-heater
Power Output System1. ClutchEngine Mounting System1. Shock absorber pad
Engine Auiliary Accessories1. Hydraulic oil pumpControl System1. Can add mechanical accelerator pedal
2. Air conditioner compressor2. N/A
3. N/A3. N/A

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Modifiable Components of CCEC QSK19-P760 Pump Engine

Air Intake System1. Installation position of air filterExhuast System1. Can modify installation position and direction of
2. Upgrade to  heavy-duty type air fitlerturbocharger
3. N/A2. Water-cooled exhuast manifold
4. N/A3. Water-cooled turbocharger
Fuel System1. Upgrade to fuel fitler that integrated with fuel transferStarting System1. 12V starter motor for 12v electric system
pump and fuel pre-hearter2. Upgrading to specified brand and speicifications of
2. N/Astarter motor
Charging System1. 12V charging alternator for 12v electric systemEngine Shut-Down System1. 12V solenoid for 12v electric system
2. Explosion-proof charging alternator2. Explosion-proof solenoid
3. Upgrading to specified brand and speicifications of3. N/A
charging alternator4. N/A
Lubricating System1. Oil Pan positionCooling System1. Can modify engine fan into blower fan or suction fan
2. Number of dipstick2. Can modify central position of engine cooling fan
3. Position of dipstick can choose from 6 positions3. Can choose type of engine fan from mechanical type or
4. Can modify oil filter to be remote installationelectric type
Power Output System1. Can modify size of flywheel housing and flywheel.Engine Mounting System1. Can modify engine mouting bracket.
2. Dual-ear flywheel housing (For twin-starter system)2. N/A
3. Some of models can modify flywheel housing into PTO3. N/A
integrated type.4. N/A
4. Engine have connecting port of PTOs, that able to5. N/A
provide power output.6. N/A
Engine Auiliary Accessories1. All of auxiliary system can choose specified brands and
2. Additional auxiliary systems can be added for special

Note: All Above Data are Just for Reference, All Data Might Change Without Notices or Updates, Please Contact Our Sales Team to Confirm All Details Via WhatsApp or Email.

The picture of Sale Manual showing the accessories and scopes of supply.

Engine Sale Manual

The picture of Installation Drawing showing the accessories and scopes of supply.

Installation Drawing

The picture of Installation Manual showing the accessories and scopes of supply.

Installation Manual

The picture of Operation Manual showing the accessories and scopes of supply.

Operation Manual

The picture of Engine Parts Catalogue showing the accessories and scopes of supply.

Parts Catalogue

The picture of Test Report and Certifcate showing the accessories and scopes of supply.

Report & Certifcate


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