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Star Project丨Short Video Contest is Held!

Oct 13, 2023 | Leading Companies in China | 0 comments

In order to help each contestant achieve greater success in the sprint stage, Dongkang Laoyouhui Xingtu Plan Short Video Competition Sprint Training Session was held on October 9 in the form of offline + online simultaneous live broadcast teaching, including Dongfeng Cummins regional manager, Nearly 500 people, including service managers, dealers, service providers and contestants, participated in the training.

Star Project丨Short Video Contest is Held!

The special training session specially invited officially certified instructors to provide everyone with practical information to share. The training content covers three major aspects: creative thinking, filming skills and traffic acquisition passwords:

1. Ideas for creating popular short videos
Through theory and case analysis, the lecturer vividly guided the students from the perspective of creative thinking of short videos and taught them how to make popular short videos.

2. High-quality video shooting and editing skills
It introduces shooting scenes, angles, common compositions and the use of editing software in detail. On-site combination of competition work cases, real-time training and corrections ensure that students can immediately apply what they have learned into practice.

3. Universal formula to increase traffic
Starting from traffic formulas, hotspot capture tools and short video popular topics, through on-site guidance and demonstrations, we will improve contestants’ ability to obtain platform traffic and help them quickly improve their results.

After the training, the contestants have a better understanding of the platform rules and short video gameplay, and they also have a systematic understanding and learning of the operating points and operating characteristics in daily operations.

At the same time, some contestants expressed their hope to participate in more short video-related training activities and learn about live broadcast-related content. In this regard, we will introduce the live broadcast room operation skills in detail in the next stage of training, so you can continue to pay attention.

As more and more users shift their car purchasing behavior from offline to online, Dongfeng Cummins will continue to work with its partners to explore new marketing models, new paths, and new strategies, seize the dividends of online development, and vigorously deploy new short video competitions. Road, realize precise marketing of customer attraction, transaction, and value transfer, improve marketing efficiency, and promote the achievement of marketing goals.


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