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With a New Lineup, CCEC Achieves Digital Empowerment

Sep 22, 2023 | Leading Companies in China | 0 comments

Cummins non-road National IV power continues to upgrade and will debut at the Beijing Engineering Machinery Exhibition (BICES 2023) held from September 20 to 23 with a new lineup. Cummins’ zero-carbon multi-fuel engine platform and powerful and reliable high-horsepower products will also help. , with Cummins emission treatment system, digital intelligent products to protect the “core”, and strong protection of filtration and lubricants. Focusing on Cummins non-road National IV products and services, on the first day of the launch, Zhan Li, general manager of Cummins East Asia Distribution Division, Ma Ji, general manager of sales and marketing of Cummins China Engine Division, and Chen Ping, general manager of Guangxi Cummins Industrial Power Co., Ltd. Off-road Phase Four Customer Practice Excellence Awards were presented by user and dealer representatives.

With a New Lineup, CCEC Achieves Digital Empowerment

I am very happy to be a witness to the birth of the Non-Four Excellent Customer Practice Award and to present awards to the first batch of award-winning representatives.

Zhan Li said that in order to bring a better service experience to users, Cummins will carry out targeted customer care activities every quarter, using core technology, digital empowerment, and system collaboration to support comprehensive service guarantees, improve equipment operation efficiency, and provide customers with Create more value.An important addition to Cummins’ four-stage product and service advantages is Cummins’ advanced digital enabling technology.

By realizing digital system docking with Liugong, XCMG, Hyundai and other OEM partners, Cummins and OEMs can work together to further refine customized development for different applications, achieve leading functions such as working condition identification and customized calibration, improve product performance, and provide Benefits to end users.Cummins Digital has launched a representative product to serve the intelligent application of construction machinery – “Little Bee”. Equip the engine with Little Bee accessories and just open the e-Cummins APP to start the digital intelligence service. By stopping the engine in place for 5 minutes, the engine calibration and upgrade can be completed. Equipment location, working hours, mileage and other information can be viewed in real time. It is a worry-free, time-saving, labor-saving, smart and efficient “little housekeeper”.

In the service field, Cummins’ digital intelligence services are reflected in the following aspects:

01.Intelligent: Through the embedding of intelligent diagnostic tools such as CDS in the e-Cummins APP, service personnel can quickly diagnose, and the cause of 86% of faults can be found within three steps. This not only improves the customer experience, but also improves technician diagnosis efficiency and working hour utilization. ;

02.Visualization: Use visualization tools such as BI to improve work efficiency and quickly formulate solutions;

03.Interconnection: Change the traditional service model and make proactive services possible. For example, user devices equipped with the “Little Bee” WA tool can realize in-depth analysis of device data and provide forward-looking proactive services;

04.Remoteization: Reduce costs and improve efficiency through cloud training and CSU remote upgrade services. In the e-Road Cummins APP, dealers and technician partners can quickly provide users with equipment fault prediagnosis and more rapid services through the customized development function of “Core Manager”.

With a New Lineup, CCEC Achieves Digital Empowerment(2)

Cummins high-horsepower engines are known for their power, reliability and high availability, and have won widespread recognition from construction machinery and mining customers.

Displacement covers 14 liters to 50 liters, including QSN, QSK19, QSK38 and QSK50 series, with power from 235 to 2500 horsepower (175 to 1864 kilowatts). The QSK38 high-power intelligent electronically controlled engine displayed on site has a power of 1200 to 1600 horsepower (896 to 1193 kilowatts). It adopts a high-pressure common rail fuel system and is suitable for markets such as engineering machinery, mining, pump machines, oil and gas fields, ship machinery and rails.

This time, the Cummins multi-fuel engine platform landed at the China Construction Machinery booth for the first time and was built to support the zero-carbon strategy and meet the next stage of emission design.

While most parts are common, multiple types of fuels can be used, including a range of clean diesel, natural gas, hydrogen, propane and other low-carbon or zero-carbon fuels, providing users with a lower-cost zero-carbon technology path. It has significant features such as high power density, compact structure, easy installation and use, and can improve productivity while ensuring operating cost advantages.

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