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Carry out Quality Service “Linking Heart Bridge”

Mar 2, 2023 | Industry Company Dynamics | 0 comments

From February 21st to 25th, Yan Kun, service director of Dongfeng CCEC, and Liu Qihong, chief of the service marketing department of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Aftermarket Division, led a team to visit regional distributors and service providers, aiming to establish Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle & Dongfeng CCEC and The high-level exchange and communication mechanism of dealers and service providers, and then plan the layout around market development and win-win cooperation.

Linking Heart Bridge (3)
During the visit, Yan Kun and Liu Qihong visited the main sales models equipped with Dongfeng CCEC engines in various dealer stores. At the same time, the service team inspected the maintenance workshops, spare parts warehouses, old parts warehouses and engine repair centers of each service station on the spot, learned about the development of various service businesses, and solved related problems of service providers on the spot.

During the period, a group of people conducted a full research on the local market demand and competition situation, and discussed and communicated with the dealers on the current market situation. The dilemma was communicated in depth, and Dongfeng CCEC and Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle will do their utmost to provide support and assistance.
Dealer partners also gave unanimous recognition and high praise to Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle equipped with Dongfeng CCEC. They all said that in the new journey, they will do their best to build a harmonious and win-win ecological circle with Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle & Dongfeng CCEC.

During the discussion and exchange session, Liu Qihong said that Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles will cooperate with Dongfeng CCEC to further strengthen in-depth exchanges with dealer partners, and hopes that dealer partners will continue to improve themselves, maintain forward-looking thinking, actively seize opportunities, and jointly promote better business

Linking Heart Bridge (1)
Linking Heart Bridge (2)~1
Yan Kun gave a brief introduction to the overall situation of Dongfeng CCEC and its current production and operation. 2023 is an important year for the implementation of Dongfeng CCEC’ “312” strategy. Standing at a new starting point, everyone must make persistent efforts, aim at new goals, and continue to strive to resonate with Dongfeng CCEC at the same frequency and efficiently coordinate to comprehensively improve service quality and service Skills and service network capabilities, committed to creating greater value for customers!

The mighty spring breeze is coming, and the boats are sailing to stand at the forefront of the tide. A new round of market battle has been launched, and the clarion call is fierce and inspiring. Dongfeng CCEC & Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles and the vast number of dealer partners will continue to work together to move towards a higher level!


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