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Bad Examples of Chinese Cummins Engine & Genset Rebuilders

Nov 9, 2023 | The Secret Behind Low Prices | 0 comments

Consumers should remain vigilant when purchasing Cummins products, as there is currently a significant presence of counterfeit items in the market. These counterfeit products employ sophisticated imitation and refurbishment techniques, making them nearly indistinguishable from genuine ones in appearance. When buying machinery, consumers need to scrutinize the details carefully to avoid falling victim to deception.

1.Engines and generators waiting to be rebuilt.

waiting to be rebuilt. Firstly, counterfeiters may use highly technical methods to precisely imitate Cummins engines and generators that undergo refurbishment. They might employ advanced metal stitching and welding techniques, rendering the engine almost indistinguishable from a brand-new product. This requires consumers to observe the details of the product carefully, especially examining the quality of welding marks and metal stitching during the purchasing process.

2.Engine repair and reconditioning.

Secondly, counterfeiters may mix genuine and aftermarket parts to blur the authenticity of the product. During the refurbishment process, they may choose some components from Cummins’ original factory parts while opting for cheaper substitutes for other parts. This mixing can lead to a decline in the product’s performance and reliability. Therefore, consumers are advised to familiarize themselves with the characteristics of Cummins’ original factory parts before purchasing to better judge the authenticity of the product.


Furthermore, in terms of the appearance of generator sets, counterfeiters may replace components such as the chassis, cooling system, alternator, and control system to make the entire unit appear brand new. This gives them more room to confuse consumers about the actual condition of the product. When purchasing generator sets, consumers need to pay attention not only to the appearance but also to the performance parameters and technical specifications of the product to ensure they acquire equipment that truly meets their needs.

In conclusion, consumers should exercise heightened caution when purchasing Cummins products. It is recommended to prioritize authorized dealerships as a purchasing channel to reduce the risk of acquiring counterfeit items. Additionally, consulting Cummins’ official website or contacting their customer service for information regarding product features and genuine parts can be beneficial. By carefully selecting the purchasing channel and thoroughly understanding product information, consumers can better protect themselves from the harm of counterfeit products.


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