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Cummins National Four Power Helps you Increase Income and Reduce Costs

Dec 16, 2022 | The Secret Behind Low Prices | 0 comments

The Cummins National IV series launched this time not only include F2.8, B3.9, F4.5, B5.9, B7, L9 and X12 products that continue the advantages of the National III, but also have a newly launched “full-core optimized The Cummins PLUS series of high-end products built with “intelligent linkage, professional customization” and a power coverage of 36-503 kilowatts can meet the fourth stage of China’s non-road mobile machinery emission standards officially implemented on December 1.

Cummins National Four Power Solutions (1)
Cummins National Four Power Solutions (4)

National IV PLUS product display

Cummins National Four Power Solutions (3)

As early as 2016, Cummins took the lead in launching the non-road China IV power solution. In the process of continuous development of products and technologies, relying on Cummins’ local R&D system, linking global R&D resources, centering on non-road complex application scenarios, optimizing the cost of the whole life cycle, focusing on customer value experience, and helping OEMs create high quality and high standards engineering equipment.

First, high attendance. Cummins has always been known in the industry for its higher reliability and durability, and is a lifelong trusted partner of customers. On the basis of the third stage of the country, through in-depth analysis of the boundary conditions in different application scenarios, and review the performance of the three-stage products in the market, choose a more suitable technical route.
Second, high operating efficiency. As engineering equipment as a means of production, how to increase the workload per unit time and bring greater value to customers is the goal that Cummins has been pursuing.
Third, reduce operating costs. For most off-highway applications, fuel consumption typically accounts for more than 40% of the life-cycle cost.
Fourth, reduce maintenance costs. Throughout the development process, Cummins has further optimized the oil change interval of the product. Through the integrated optimization and intelligent control with the after-treatment system, the cleaning mileage is optimized.
Cummins National Four Power Solutions (2)
Therefore, in the development process of non-road four-stage products, Cummins uses advanced engine technology, component technology and system integration technology closely cooperated with the whole machine partner to expand the low fuel consumption working area while reducing emissions. Achieve better fuel consumption under working conditions and reduce costs and consumption.
With the development of digitalization and Internet of Vehicles, Cummins off-road four-stage power system also has the ability of Internet of Vehicles, so as to effectively upgrade the intelligent service diagnosis system through big data and intelligent algorithms, and further reduce the use and maintenance costs of customers.
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