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CCEC Deepens Strategic Cooperation in Southeast Asia

Apr 13, 2023 | Leading Companies in China | 0 comments

March 30, 2023, Beijing——Foton Motor and CCEC announced that the two parties will further strengthen strategic cooperation in Southeast Asia, and sign a contract to jointly invest in Foton CCEC’ engine plant in Thailand to provide powertrains for Foton Chia Tai’s vehicle base and Southeast Asian business . This signing marks a further step in the strategic cooperation between Foton Motor and CCEC, targeting a wider regional market and providing more diversified power solutions for more customers around the world.
As a supplier of core power components for complete vehicles, the engine products launched by the Thai company will include all diesel power product lines of Foton CCEC. Foton CCEC will invest in the Thai company to build a flexible production line integrating assembly, testing, spraying and accessory production. In order to meet the customized needs of customers with multiple varieties and small batches, at the same time, world-class production support and operation systems such as Oracle and CMES will be adopted.
CCEC Deepens Strategic Cooperation

The Thai company plans to complete the registration in 2023 and start production in 2024. While enhancing competitiveness, further increase sales and market share, and finally realize the establishment of ASEAN localized supply chain system, sales and service system.

As a global emerging economy, ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations, ASEAN) has become one of the regions with the greatest development potential in the world. China and ASEAN have a long-term and good strategic cooperative relationship, whether it is the “Belt and Road” policy or encouraging Chinese enterprises With the policy of “going out”, ASEAN countries are all investment destinations that Chinese enterprises attach great importance to. In recent years, Foton Motor has made important business expansion in Southeast Asian countries including Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Whether it is trucks, buses, or other special-purpose vehicles, its market share has gradually increased and it has won a good reputation in the local market.


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