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Want to be Productive? DCEC M15 PLUS You Can’t Miss

May 12, 2023 | Leading Companies in China | 0 comments

There is less idle months in the fields, and people are busy in May. For human beings, farming has started again in the new year, gestating new hope. Farmers are busy plowing fields and transplanting seedlings, hoping to have a good harvest this year; engineering construction is ushering in the peak construction season, and mines, water conservancy, buildings, bridges, tunnels, and ports are busy…

For agricultural and construction machinery bulk
Tailor-made strong “core”
Dongfeng Cummins non-road national four flagship power
M15 PLUS is coming
Powerful and efficient, reliable quality, safe and worry-free
Temperament completely in line with any of your working conditions!

strong and reliable      Challenge the extreme environment fearlessly

Want to be Productive DCEC M15 PLUS You Can't Miss

M15 PLUS is developed according to the application characteristics of construction machinery
The supporting capabilities of the whole machine are flexible and diverse
Suitable for excavators, rotary drills, milling machines, air compressors,
Crawler cranes, agricultural machinery, rail vehicles and oil and gas field equipment, etc.
Maximum power 503 kW, peak torque 3000 Nm
Stronger power, unlimited potential
Work under difficult conditions is still in the same direction

Intelligent and efficient        Work adaptability is stronger

Want to be Productive DCEC M15 PLUS You Can't Miss(4)

M15 PLUS is equipped with the latest CM2670 ECU
faster processing
Transient response and working condition self-adaptability are stronger
Modular design, less parts, stable performance
Adopt new independent cylinder liner design
Under the support of basic parts such as high-strength cylinder block and cylinder head
With super heavy-duty operation and anti-fatigue ability
Efficient attendance is more secure

Tailored       Exclusive service upgrade

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Coping with different working conditions and application scenarios
Meet the differentiated needs of engineering equipment
M15 PLUS designed more customization options
New valve cover
Customized design for heavy-duty equipment applications
Provide separate oil filling extension pipe design
Upgraded with metal material
Higher temperature resistance and adaptability, easier maintenance
Customized and upgraded fuel filter, water filter integrated filter design
Available for remote and non-remote filter applications

Durable and reliable       Excellent quality and confidence

Want to be Productive DCEC M15 PLUS You Can't Miss(1)

Requirements for product durability in construction machinery operationsmore stringent M15 PLUS is reliable in quality and is not afraid of any working conditions.Through a series of innovative technologies, the adaptability is comprehensively improved
Modular Integrated Design
30% fewer parts than comparable products
Lower mechanical power consumption and longer service life
Add sensor settings
More accurate detection of engine and aftertreatment system conditions and self-regulating
Guarantee system security, more stable and reliable performance
A new generation of high-efficiency fuel system
Achieve more precise ultra-high pressure injection control and fuel supply compensation
More fuel efficient and more fuel efficient
Next Generation Emission Treatment System
Adopt unique DRT urea decomposition device design
A spherical connection solution customized for construction machinery applications
Modular design through double simplicity
Engineering equipment installation is more flexible
High reliability, more resistant to vibration

Are you busy in early summer?

Then you didn’t find the right partner

Look for Dongkang non-four power M15 PLUS big man

Get twice the result with half the effort and make you more leisurely in May!


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