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Cummins Helps the “Steel Behemoth” Expedition Overseas

Jan 4, 2023 | Industry Company Dynamics | 0 comments

A few days ago, a new order was added for the overseas export of large-scale equipment in China. Cummins high-horsepower electronically controlled engine assisted Liugong 8128H large-scale loader to go to large-scale overseas open-pit coal mines in batches, and a grand departure ceremony was held in Liuzhou, Guangxi.

Cummins helps the steel behemoth expedition overseas (2)

This domineering “big guy” is equipped with Cummins QSK19 high-horsepower electronically controlled engine, which meets European and American non-road third-stage emission standards (EPA Tier 3, EU Stage IIIA), with a power of 506 to 700 horsepower (377-522 kilowatts). Large-tonnage, high-efficiency, reliable and durable high-end large-scale equipment design, through the industry’s leading in-cylinder combustion and intelligent electronic control cutting-edge technology, as well as high-pressure common rail fuel system (MCRS), high-efficiency turbocharger, air-to-air cooling, etc. The tested and mature technology makes the engine’s key performance indicators such as reliability, power, fuel economy and emission better.

Liugong 8128H large-scale loader, as a 52-ton “steel behemoth”, is a super-large loading machine sold by Liugong. It is specially designed for large-scale mine conditions. It is stable, reliable, and of high quality. It can stand alone in the mining area!

Cummins QSK series high-horsepower electronically controlled engines can intelligently adjust product performance according to the needs of working conditions to ensure high-quality and efficient mining work in mining areas; equipped with an oil pre-lubrication system to fully lubricate the parts and systems, reduce wear and tear, and reduce failure rates; The high-strength cylinder has stronger high-pressure resistance, higher reliability, and greatly extended service life. Moreover, its oil products are highly adaptable, making it easier to work in areas such as high altitudes and alpine regions. With its support, the carrying capacity and bucket lifting speed of large loaders have been greatly improved.

The customer of this purchase is a leading enterprise of a large local open-pit coal mine company overseas. Open-pit coal mines have high mining intensity and heavy workload, and the working environment and working conditions are very complicated, which puts forward higher requirements on the power performance, mining efficiency and operation convenience of mining equipment.

Cummins helps the steel behemoth expedition overseas (3)
Cummins helps the steel behemoth expedition overseas (1)
Cummins helps the steel behemoth expedition overseas (4)

Winning customers depends on excellent quality. Cummins Power will continue to rely on strong performance and efficient operation capabilities to ensure smooth mining in the mining industry and help Chinese engineering equipment to gallop in overseas markets!

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