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Cummins M14 Engine Challenges the Extreme Cold of Minus 27°C

Jan 13, 2023 | Industry Company Dynamics | 0 comments

Cummins M14 engine challenges the extreme cold of minus 27°C (1)
Hulunbuir Hailar is located at 49° north latitude, one of the coldest areas in China. The temperature in winter is often around -35°C. At this time, the north wind is blowing in the deep winter, and the freezing weather is the ideal environment for engine extreme cold testing.
Here the Cummins M14 non-road country IV engine accepted an extreme cold challenge
Cummins M14 engine challenges the extreme cold of minus 27°C (2)
The more extreme the environment, the more real core quality. Under such harsh conditions, Cummins engineers conducted a cold start test and thermal management verification on the M14 engine
The final results show that the M14 engine can achieve a cold start in just a few seconds in an environment of -27°C. Its strength is self-evident. At the same time, its thermal management ability can still meet the requirements of normal use under extremely cold conditions.
Cummins M14 engine challenges the extreme cold of minus 27°C-1 (1)
In addition, this cold region test also carried out a number of functional verifications for the engine air system, hydraulic system post-processing system, etc. Obviously, the extreme cold did not affect the excellent performance of the M14 engine. The Hailar cold area test site has left a perfect report card

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