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Repurchased 12 gas Vehicles, Cummins 15N Natural gas Engine won Praise

May 20, 2024 | China News | 0 comments

Transportation market involution
Faced with continued falling freight prices
How to reduce costs, increase efficiency and maintain competitiveness?
Cummins 15N natural gas engine
Let Wen County Huarui Logistics and Transportation Company find the answer

Huarui Logistics Company has more than 50 vehicles
Cost has always been the focus of fleet operations
Tolls and labor costs are fixed
More economical and low-consumption vehicles
It is the core of reducing costs, increasing efficiency and maintaining competitiveness.
In order to further reduce costs
The company has successively replaced gas vehicles

15N gas vehicle 1
15N gas vehicle 3psd~1

Boss Wang and Master Tian from Huarui Logistics Company
—— gave a fair evaluation ——

15N gas vehicle 4psd

Team: Boss Wang

At the beginning of the year, I had the mentality of giving it a try.
We purchased 2 units
Trial of gas vehicles equipped with Cummins 1 and N natural gas engines
Currently in operation for almost 3 months
Compared with other gas vehicles and other sports car partners in the fleet
Gas consumption can save about 2kg per 100 kilometers.
Compare in many aspects
The fuel tank equipped with Kangji
In addition, the oil trucks equipped with Kangji in the previous fleet
Pretty good performance
So I decided to repurchase 12 units.

Team driver: Master Tian
I have driven a fuel vehicle equipped with Kangji before
It feels both powerful and reliable
Later, I switched to semi-trailer and also drove a gas vehicle equipped with Kangji.
The current driving experience is 3 points

15N gas vehicle 5psd~1

Cost reduction is the key to profitability of fleet operations
Gas vehicles have obvious advantages in cost reduction
Both cars have traveled about 50,000 kilometers.
The load capacity of running a Xinjiang shopping mall is 33 tons, and the average gas consumption is 28kg/100km.
Driving on the plains because there are many traffic lights, the gas consumption is about 30kg/100km.
The energy-saving power is great!
rmh 80
After self-reset
It’s a dollar to save a dollar

15N gas vehicle 6psd~1
15N gas vehicle 7psd~1
15N gas vehicle 8psd~1

Cummins 15N natural gas engine has fast power response
It starts and climbs strong, and 500 horsepower is enough.
It’s no problem to go to Shanxi and run the big slopes of Qinling Mountains
The power performance has won unanimous praise from our fleet drivers.

15N gas vehicle 9psd~1
15N gas vehicle 10psd~1
15N gas vehicle 11psd~1

I have driven more than 20,000 kilometers a month and the car is always in good condition.
No problems have occurred so far
After-sales staff will also make frequent calls to care about the operating performance of the car.
In the event of an emergency, you can find someone as soon as possible
Good product + good service
Let us operate with peace of mind


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