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When Exploring Oil And Gas Fields, Cummins Machines can be Found Everywhere!

May 14, 2024 | China News | 0 comments


Fuling shale gas field has proven reserves of nearly 900 billion cubic meters, and the construction of Changning-Weiyuan and Zhaotong national-level shale gas demonstration zones is accelerating.


The three national-level shale oil demonstration zones of Daqing Gulong, Shengli Jiyang, and Xinjiang Jimusar have achieved a good start with “one billion tons of reserves and three million tons of production.”


China’s first 100,000-ton shale oil efficiency development demonstration platform was officially established and put into operation in Dagang Oilfield.

In recent years, China’s oil and gas exploration and development has achieved fruitful results.
Especially in the fields of shale oil and shale gas
Consecutive major breakthroughs

Drilling and Fracturing
It is an important process for extracting shale oil and shale gas.
With many years of application experience
Cummins targets equipment operating conditions
Provide professional and reliable power solutions

Deeply cultivate the field
study with concentration

Cummins electric drill rig generator set
Under harsh drilling conditions
The unit can still ensure high reliability and rapid response
Has advanced engine monitoring and protection system
Easy to read important parameters and fault information
Low fuel consumption, expandable high-precision fuel consumption monitoring function
Global product warranty, high-quality after-sales service, fast response

Cummins mechanical drilling rig and mud pump engines
Rich configurations, providing customized power package solutions
The product not only has high power but low fuel consumption
Durability and reliability are also outstanding
Have the ability to perform long-term economic operations
Simple operation and maintenance methods, reducing labor costs
With on-site service support, you can work with peace of mind

Work level
among the best

Leave professional work to professional equipment
Cummins fracturing vehicle engine
Developed for application conditions
Invested more than 1,300 units in China
Q5K5O and QSK6 engine
Cumulative operating time reaches 6 million hours
More advantageous among similar products
Product structure is compact
Can be directly connected to the gearbox
Easier assembly and maintenance
Has a better engine warranty period

In the field of oil and gas fields
Cummins will last
Pay attention to user needs and expand segmented areas
Integrated power system to provide solutions


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