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Exploring Carbon Emission Reduction, Cummins is Taking Action!

Apr 12, 2024 | China News | 0 comments

Global climate change will bring many risks to human survival

and reducing greenhouse gas emissions has become a common issue faced by the whole society

Cummins takes practical actions to help solve climate impact issues

and set scientific carbon emission reduction targets in 2019

Taking 2018 as the base year

In 2030

In 2050

In order to achieve this goal

Cummins has embarked on many aspects

launched the Destination Zero goal for product carbon reduction

and is committed to energy conservation and emission reduction

through innovative energy source solutions and multiple power solutions

In addition to products, Cummins has also taken many measures

in the company’s daily operations

Better management system

With the help of the management framework provided by the ISO 50001 standard, most Cummins units have established complete energy management systems.

Improve employees’ awareness of energy management through training and all-employee participation in energy treasure hunt activities to help reduce carbon emissions.

Currently in Beijing, Wuhan, Wuxi, Liuzhou, Xiangyang, Chongqing and other places

More advanced technical concepts

Deploy the digital energy management system EMS and the smart building management system BMS to promote the digital and intelligent transformation of energy management and facility operations.

The engine test was upgraded to an advanced electric dynamometer to realize energy recovery and utilization during the test process. The test control system PUMA cooperated with the smart building control system BMS to achieve on-demand supply. Install rooftop and ground-based distributed solar photovoltaic systems to actively transition to renewable energy.

In combination with business needs, in new manufacturing bases and existing factory upgrade projects, the concepts and requirements of green and sustainable development will be integrated into project design, procurement, installation and operation to ensure that Cummins factories achieve long-term green and efficient operations.

More efficient energy use

Through in-depth on-site professional energy efficiency diagnosis, we can improve equipment efficiency, optimize facility management levels, carry out precise control of variable flow of process circulating water, and reduce water pump energy consumption by up to 7O%.

The central air-conditioning control optimizes the application of air-side free cooling technology in transition seasons to achieve both improved employee comfort and energy-saving operation.

The air compressor system has carried out up to 20 special optimization actions in all aspects of gas production, transportation and usage to improve the efficiency of the compressed air system and promote efficient refrigeration station technology. The annual comprehensive energy efficiency EER is as high as 5.8.

The process is more sophisticated

Product testing promotes advanced functional testing AFT, reducing diesel consumption by more than 20%, and using more efficient room temperature cleaning technology to reduce heating energy consumption to zero. In the spraying process, the green and environmentally friendly dry spraying process is used to replace the traditional wet spraying, which greatly reduces energy consumption and water resource usage.

And the flexible hybrid line technology comprehensively promotes the deployment of Industry 4.0 in production and manufacturing, greatly improving production efficiency, effectively reducing energy use, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Every action is a step towards low carbon

With the support and efforts of multiple departments

In 2022

Cummins China has implemented 60+ energy conservation and emission reduction projects,

reducing carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 5,200 tons cumulatively.

In 2023

Completed 100+ energy conservation and emission reduction projects

with a cumulative carbon dioxide emission reduction of approximately 19,000+ tons

(Including emission reductions from solar photovoltaic projects)

Such outstanding performance has allowed

Cummins to be successfully included

in the S&P Dow Jones Sustainability Index

Further promote sustainable development

implement the concept of low-carbon environmental protection with practical actions

and contribute to building a green and low-carbon life.


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