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High-Horsepower Heavy-Duty Trucks: Choosing Based on Needs is King

Apr 12, 2024 | China News | 0 comments

 The power of Foton Cummins A series 15L engine has been increased to 680 horsepower and the torque has reached 3200       N·m, helping users achieve cost reduction and increase efficiency in transportation.

Green transport of vegetables, fruits, fresh aquatic products, meat, eggs, milk, etc. arrives one hour in advance, and the cargo owner can sell them at a good price;

When transporting goods in mountainous areas, truck drivers only need to tap the accelerator to overtake and drive uphill with ease, arriving at the destination quickly and safely. They can wipe away their fatigue in advance, relax, or reunite with their families, and a full sense of happiness arises spontaneously;

Foton Cummins A series 15L engine-1

“Quickness” has become a common demand for logistics transportation by cargo owners, truck drivers, and end consumers, and this demand is passed on to the manufacturing side to continuously improve vehicle transportation efficiency. Born out of necessity, from 500 horsepower+ to 600 horsepower+, China’s heavy truck industry has rapidly entered the era of high horsepower.

Cost reduction and efficiency increase are urgent needs

As the core system assembly of heavy trucks, the engine has greater horsepower and sufficient power reserve. It not only accelerates speed, but also keeps the engine in the economical speed range. When the vehicle is operating at low load for a long time, fuel consumption is lower, attendance rate is higher, and transportation The duration is shorter.

Foton Cummins A series 15L engine-1

Industry experts said that high horsepower is the development trend of the logistics industry. Under the standard load and compliance transportation environment, cost reduction and efficiency increase have become the core factors for users to improve efficiency, so high-horsepower vehicles are increasingly favored by transportation practitioners.

In 2022, the transaction amount of the entire Double Eleven network will exceed 180 billion yuan. Behind the attractive figures is the competition of express delivery timeliness. The timeliness and service attitude of an express delivery company are often important reference indicators that highlight the competitiveness of a company. Therefore, high-horsepower heavy-duty trucks that perform well in overtaking and climbing hills have been recognized by trunk logistics users as soon as they were launched.

Data show that the entire express delivery service time limit in the third quarter of 2022 was 56.74 hours, 1.47 hours shorter than the same period last year and 6.23 hours shorter than the second quarter. The 72-hour punctuality rate was 80.39%, a year-on-year increase of 2.10 percentage points and an increase of 6.82 percentage points from the second quarter. In terms of the entire time limit of express delivery companies, companies with time limits between 48 hours and 60 hours (including 60 hours) are SF Express, ZTO Express, Yunda Express, Jitu Express, YTO Express, STO Express, and JD Express; the time limit is Companies with more than 60 hours are Postal EMS and Deppon Express.

“In the past, when there were too many goods and few trucks, the cargo owner only required that the goods be delivered safely, and it didn’t matter if it was a day or two later than the scheduled time; now, when there are too few goods and too many trucks, there will be all kinds of reminders and difficulties if the goods arrive even slightly late. In order to ensure In terms of timeliness, I chose a 660-horsepower heavy-duty truck to transport the fruit. If I arrived at the vegetable market a few hours earlier, the owner could sell it at a good price.” said a veteran truck driver for many years.

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Terminal demand drives front-end manufacturing, and the market share of heavy trucks with more than 500 horsepower has increased from 24% in 2018 to 38% today. Therefore, faster vehicle speeds and longer transportation distances are making China’s logistics from thousands of miles away to within easy reach. In the past three years, the average speed of logistics transport vehicles has increased from 67 km/h to 75 km/h. The average speed under high-speed conditions has reached 85 km/h or even 90 km/h. The average transportation distance of a single trip is about 1,700 kilometers. The driving time exceeds 10 hours.

Applicable is the best

In fact, high-horsepower heavy-duty trucks have long been popular in European and American countries, and have even reached more than 700 horsepower. They are mainly used in large-scale transportation, high-speed logistics in mountainous areas and heavy-duty transportation scenarios. They are basically the same as the applicable scenarios of domestic high-horsepower heavy trucks.

From 2012 to 2021, the peak power of China’s mainline tractors also increased from 375 horsepower to 680 horsepower. However, as an effective way to improve the quality and efficiency of logistics fleets, high-horsepower heavy-duty trucks are not suitable for all transportation scenarios, and more horsepower is not always better. In low-speed operation scenarios such as cities and national highways, “big horse-drawn cars” are likely to increase fuel consumption and increase car purchase costs. In mainline logistics, express delivery, hazardous chemical transportation, cold chain and other long-distance and efficient operation scenarios, or mountainous operation scenarios with many slopes, the advantages of low fuel consumption and short timeliness of high-horsepower heavy trucks are fully demonstrated.

For example, the Auman Galaxy, which pioneered high-horsepower heavy trucks, is equipped with a Foton Cummins A-series 15L, 660-horsepower engine with a maximum torque of 3200Nm, matched with a 3.08-speed rear axle, and a total power chain speed ratio of 2.4. Actual user operation data shows that for a one-way trip of more than 2,000 kilometers, the operating time is shortened by 2 to 4 hours and the fuel is saved by 10%.

Foton Cummins A series 15L engine-4

It is understood that Foton Cummins A series 15L engine has multiple power segments to choose from. Its maximum power is 680 horsepower, its maximum output torque is 3200 Nm, and its maximum torque speed is 900~1400rpm. It has a wider torque range and higher operating efficiency. , better fuel saving effect. Foton Cummins A series 15L engine has no torque limit at an altitude of 3,000 meters, and is more powerful for overtaking and climbing when fully loaded, providing users with low-cost and efficient transportation guarantee.

In the freight environment of sluggish cargo prices and rising oil prices in 2022, Master Zhang, a truck driver in the Lvtong transportation business, bluntly said that choosing the 660-horsepower Auman Galaxy heavy truck is the best way for him to stabilize his income this year. “The heavy-duty truck I drive is equipped with a Foton Cummins A-series 15-liter 660-horsepower engine. It transports green traffic from Heilongjiang to Shandong. The average fuel consumption is 30 liters/100 kilometers, which is basically the same as the fuel consumption of a 600-horsepower model.”

Master Li, who is also involved in the transportation business, travels between Shandong and Gansu. The one-way journey is about 3,300 kilometers. The one-way journey takes several days. Running fast is his core desire. “When a high-horsepower heavy truck goes up and down hills, it not only runs fast but is also safe. I chose Foton Cummins 660 high-horsepower engine to add a layer of safety insurance to the crazy transportation life. The fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is about 29L. Compared with other models in the same period, I can save more money per trip. 400 to 500 yuan for gas.”

“I drive an Auman heavy-duty truck equipped with a Foton Cummins A-series engine. The one-way journey is about 2,000 kilometers, which saves me more than 1,300 yuan in fuel costs compared to the previous heavy trucks. During this year’s Double 11 period, it saved me a considerable amount of fuel costs.” The driver of the long-distance logistics transportation company said so.

In short, high-horsepower heavy-duty trucks are a development trend for the logistics industry to enter efficient transportation, and are also proof of the technical strength of the vehicle. However, users must not blindly pursue high horsepower and forget about the actual operating road conditions.


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