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QSKTAA19-G3-NR2-B G-Drive Engine

CCEC QSK19-G3-NR2-B (1800 RPM) Generator Drive Engine is 6-Cylinder In-line, 19 liters (1159 in3) Four-Strokes Engine with 159 mm (6.25 in) Bore and 159 mm (6.25 in) Stroke.

QSK19-G3-NR2-B Generator Drive Engine Equipped with CMI MCRS Fuel System, Comes with Turbocharged and Air to Air Aftercooled.The Standby Power for 60 Hz Generator Set (1800 RPM) of CCEC QSK19-G3-NR2-B Generator Drive Engine is 897 HP (669 kW). The Prime Power for 60 Hz Generator Set (1800 RPM) of CCEC QSK19-G3-NR2-B Generator Drive Engine is 815 HP (608 kW).The Continuous Power for 60 Hz Generator Set (1800 RPM) of CCEC QSK19-G3-NR2-B Generator Drive Engine is 670 HP (500 kW).

As Part of EMAC, SinoGen Also Provide Complete Power Supply Solutions that Powered by CCEC, Our Ranges of Products Including Open Type Generator Set, Silence Type Generator Set, Super Silence Type Generator Set, Mobile Trailer, Complete Power Truck and Complete Power Car for Railways Applications. 

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Advantages of QSKTAA19-G3-NR2-B G-Drive Engine

  • High quality alloy cast iron for the rigidity performance and lower vibration and noise. Wet and replaceable cylinder liners for better heat rejection performance and easier replacement.

  • 4 valves per cylinder, Optimize the mixed level which lead to an excellent fuel consumption rate and emission performance. High quality alloy cast iron, one cylinder one head, single camshaft and special designed outine for better reliability and durability.

  • CMS unique PT with fixture and Step Timing control for precise fuel injection make the fuel injection pressure above 120 Mpa, which leads to an excellent fuel consumption rate and emission performance. Check valve in fuel tube improve reliability.

  • Gear water pump and great flux channel design provide effective cooling. Spin-in water filter makes the coolant clean and keeps it in normal acidity.

  • Advanced Holset turbocharger and after-cooled technology, pulse exhaust manifold reduce exhaust temperature, provide excellence fuel consumption and emission performance.

Technical Specifications

 Basic Introduction of CCEC QSKTAA19-G3-NR2-B  G-Drive Engine

Engine Model:QSKTAA19-G3-NR2-B (-B means 1800 RPM engine)
Engine Type:6 – Cylinder; In – line; 4 – Cycle
Displacement:19 L
Rated Power / Speed:608 kW @ 1800 RPM
Aspiration Method:TC & Air to Air Aftercooled
Emission Standard:EPA Tier 2
Bore * Stroke:159 mm * 159 mm
Packing Size (L * W * H):1534 mm * 781 mm * 1355 mm
Dry Weight:1900 kg
Lead Time:15-30 Working Days
Payment Terms:T / T ,L / C

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Engine Model

Prime Power



Performance Curve

Compression Ratio

QSK19-G3-A770 HP (574 kW) at 1500 RPMTurbocharged & Air – Air AftercooledD193103GX03FR-444615.0 : 1
QSK19-G3-B815 HP (608 kW) at 1800 RPMTurbocharged & Air – Air AftercooledD193103GX03FR-444615.0 : 1
QSK19-G4-A770 HP (574 kW) at 1500 RPMTurbocharged & Charge Air CooledD193103GX03FR-458015.0 : 1
QSK19-G4-B750 HP (559 kW) at 1800 RPMTurbocharged & Charge Air CooledD193103GX03FR-458015.0 : 1
QSK19-G5815 HP (608 kW) at 1800 RPMTurbocharged & Charge Air CooledD193103GX03FR-458115.0 : 1
QSK19-G11813 HP (606 kW) at 1500 RPMTurbocharged & Charge Air CoolerD193103GX03FR-476915.0 : 1
QSK19-G11X894 HP (667 kW) at 1500 RPMTurbocharged & Air – Air AftercooledD193103GX03FR-476915.0 : 1
QSK19-G12675 HP (503 kW) at 1500 RPMTC & Low Temperature AftercooledD193103GX03FR-477315.0 : 1
QSK19-G13605 HP (451 kW) at 1500 RPMTurbocharged & Charge Air CooledD193103GX03FR-477315.8 : 1
QSK19-G14539 HP (402 kW) at 1500 RPMTurbocharged & Charge Air CooledD193103GX03FR479115.8 : 1
QSKTAA19-G3-NR2-A770 HP (574 kW) at 1500 RPMTurbocharged & Air – Air AftercooledD193103GX03FR-444615.0 : 1
QSKTAA19-G3-NR2-B815 HP (608 kW) at 1800 RPMTurbocharged & Air – Air AftercooledD193103GX03FR-444615.0 : 1

General Infomation of CCEC QSKTAA19-G3-NR2-B Generator Engine

Engine ModelQSKTAA19-G3-NR2-BConfigurationD193103GX03
Performance CurveFR-4446CPL1485
Type4-Cycle; In-line; 6-Cylinder DieselAspirationTurbocharged and Air to Air Aftercooled
Stroke * Bore159 mm * 159 mm / 6.25 in * 6.25 inDisplacement1159 in3 / 19.0 L
Compression Ratio15.0 : 1Fuel SystemCMS MCRS
Prime Power & Engine Speed815 HP (608 kW) at 1800 RPMContinuous Power & Engine Speed670 HP (500 kW) at 1800 RPM
No. of Cylinders6EmissionsRefer to Emission Data Sheet for Details
Standby Power & Engine Speed897 HP (669 kW) at 1800 RPMFan to Flywhee4953720

Installation Data  of CCEC QSKTAA19-G3-NR2-B Generator Engine

Wet Weight – Fan to Flywheel Engine4350 lb / 1973 kgDry Weight(Approximate) – Fan to Flywheel Engine4190 lb / 1900 kg
Moment of Inertia of Rotating Components – with FW 4023 Flywheel194.6 lbm.ft2 / 8.2 kg.m2Maximum Bending Moment at Rear Face of Block1000 lb.ft / 1356 N.m
Center of Gravity from Rear Face of Block23.55 in / 598.2 mmCenter of Gravity Above Crankshaft Centerline11.1 in / 281.9 mm
Maximum Static Loading at Rear Main Bearing2000 lb / 908 kgSteady State Stability Band at Any Constant Load+/- 0.25 %
Excludes Exhaust Noise; at Rated Load and 7.5 m (24.6 ft);1800 RPM90.2 dBAExhaust Noise at 1 m Horizontally from Centerline of Exhaust Pipe Outlet Upwards at 45°;1800 RPM118 dBA

Performance Data of CCEC QSKTAA19-G3-NR2-B Generator Engine

Governed Engine Speed1800 RPM1800 RPMExhaust Gas Flow4645 cfm / 2195 L/s5005 cfm / 2365 L/s
Engine Idle Speed700 – 900 RPM700 – 900 RPMAir to Fuel Ratio (air : fuel)28.9 : 127.3 : 1
Gross Engine Power Output815 HP / 608 kW897 HP / 669 kWRadiated Heat to Ambient 3555 BTU/min / 65 kW3940 BTU/min / 70 kW
Brake Mean Effective Pressure312 psi / 2150 kPa343 psi / 2365 kPaHeat Rejection to Jacket Coolant12710 BTU/min / 225 kW14110 BTU/min / 250 kW
Piston Speed1875 ft/min / 9.5 m/s1875 ft/min / 9.5 m/sHeat Rejection to Exhaust27585 BTU/min / 485 kW30790 BTU/min / 545 kW
Friction Horsepower79 HP / 59 kW79 HP / 59 kWHeat Rejected to Fuel330 BTU/min / 6 kW330 BTU/min / 6 kW
Intake Air Flow1970 cfm / 930 L/s2065 cfm / 975 L/sHeat Rejected to Aftercooler10380 BTU/min / 185 kW11450 BTU/min / 205 kW
Exhaust Gas Temperature855 °F / 460 °C905 °F / 485 °CCharge Air Flow140 lb/min / 64 kg/min147 lb/min / 67 kg/min
Turbocharger Compressor Outlet Pressure89 in Hg / 301 kPa96 in Hg / 325 kPaMaximum Expected Compressor Outlet Temperature434 °F / 223 °C457 °F / 236 °C
Engine Water Flow at Stated Friction Head External to Engine ( 3.0 psi Friction Head )196 US gpm / 12.4 L/s196 US gpm / 12.4 L/sEngine Water Flow at Stated Friction Head External to Engine ( Maximum Friction Head )175 US gpm / 11.0 L/s175 US gpm / 11.0 L/s

Performance Curve CCEC QSKTAA19-G3-RN2 B G-Drive Engine

System Technical Data of CCEC QSKTAA19-G3-NR2-B Generator Engine

Exhaust SystemMaximum Back Pressure – 1800 RPM3 in Hg / 10.2 kPa
Air Induction SystemMaximum Intake Air Restriction – with Dirty Filter Element25 in H2O / 635 mm H2O
Maximum Intake Air Restriction – with Normal Duty Air Cleaner and Clean Filter Element 1800 RPM15 in H2O / 381) mm H2O
Cooling SystemJacket Water Circuit Requirements
Minimum Pressure Cap15 psi / 103 kPa
Coolant Capacity — Engine Only11 US gal / 41.6 liter
Standard Thermostat (Modulating) Range181 – 203 °F / 83 – 95 °C
Maximum Coolant Friction Head External to Engine5 psi / 35 kPa
Maximum Top Tank Temperature for Standby / Prime Power220/212 °F / 104/100 °C
Maximum Static Head of Coolant Above Engine Crank Centerline60 ft. / 18.3 m
Charge Air Cooler Requirements
Maximum Intake Manifold Temperature @ 77 °F (25 °C) Ambient – 1800 RPM130 °F / 54 °C
Maximum Temp. Rise Between Engine Air Intake and Intake Manifold – 1800 RPM53 °F / 29 °C
Maximum Air Pressure Drop from Turbo Air outlet to Intake Manifold – 1800 RPM4 in Hg / 13.5 kPa
Maximum Intake Manifold Temperature for Engine Protection (Warning Threshold)180 °F / 82 °C
Lubrication SystemOil Pressure @ Idle Speed20 PSI / 138 kPa
Oil Pressure @ Governed Speed40 – 60 PSI / 276 – 414 kPa
Maximum Oil Temperature250 °F / 121 °C
Oil Capacity with OP 4084 Oil Pan : High – Low19 – 17 US gal / 72 – 64 litre
Total System Capacity (Including Combo Filter)22.3 US gal / 84.4 litre
Fuel SystemType Injection SystemCMS MCRS
Maximum Return Fuel Flow66 US gph / 250 litre/hr
Maximum Fuel Inlet Temperature160 °F / 71 °C
Maximum Fuel Flow to Injector Pump102 US gph / 386 litre/hr
Maximum Restriction at Lift Pump (clean/dirty filter)5/9 in Hg / 127/228 mm Hg
Maximum Allowable Head on Injector Return Line (Consisting of Friction Head and Static Head)10 in Hg / 254 mm Hg
Electrical SystemBattery Charging System, Negative Ground35 ampere
Cranking Motor (Heavy Duty, Positive Engagement)24 volt
Maximum Allowable Resistance of Cranking Circuit0.002 ohm
Minimum Recommended Battery Capacity-Cold Soak @ 50 °F (10 °C) and Above600 0 °F CCA
Minimum Recommended Battery Capacity-Cold Soak @ 32 °F to 50 °F (0 °C to 10 °C)640 0 °F CCA
Minimum Recommended Battery Capacity-Cold Soak @ 0 °F to 32 °F (-18 °C to 0 °C)900 0 °F CCA
COLD START CAPABILITYMinimum Ambient Temperature for Aided (with Coolant Heater) Cold Start within 10 secondsN/A
Minimum Ambient Temperature for Unaided Cold Start10 °F / -12 °C

Scopes of Supply of CCEC QSKTAA-G3-NR2-B Generator Drive Engine

Air Intake System1. Air Intake ManifoldExhuast System1. Exhuast Manifold
2. Standard Air Filter2. Turbocharger
3. Water-Air Intercooler3. Exhuast Elbow
Starting System1. Starter MotorCharging System1. Charging Alternator
2. Starter Rely2. N/A
Lubricating System1. Oil PumpCooling System1. Water Pump
2. Oil Filter2. Engine Fan
3. N/A3. Standard Radiator
Engine Shut-Down System1. Engine Fuel Shut-Off SolenoidPower Output System1. Flywheel
2. N/A2. Standard Flywheel Housing
Fuel System1. Fuel Transfer Pump
2. High-Pressure Fuel Pump
3. Fuel Filter

Optional Accessories of CCEC QSKTAA-G3-NR2-B Generator Drive Engine

Air Intake System1. Air Intake Pre-HeaterExhuast System1. Muffler & Bellows
2. Air Intake Shut-Off Valve2. Spark Arrestor Type Muffler & Bellows
3. Heavy-Duty Air Filter3. DPF System
4. Plateau Type Air Filter4. N/A
Fuel System1. Coarse FilterLubricating System1. Oil Pre-Heater
2. Fuel Pre-Heater2. N/A
Starting System1. Manual Magnetic DC ContactorCooling System1. Silent Type Radiator
2. Dual Ears Flywheel Housing2. Plateau Radiator
3. Spring Starter Motor3. Salt-Spray Resistant Radiator
4. Air Starter Motor4. Coolant Pre-Heater
5. Hydraulic Starter Motor5. Jacket Water Heater
6. Manual Magnetic DC Contactor6. N/A

As part of EMAC, SinoGen focusing on generator set related business, from Generator drive engine power pack to complete generator set, from generator control panel to synchronizing cabinet, from super silent type generator set to mobile power trailer, SinoGen provides professional one-stop solution for everything customer needed for generator set.
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Modifiable components of QSKTAA-G3-NR2-B Generator Drive Engine

Air Intake System1. Installation Position of Air FilterCharging System1. 12 V Charging Alternator for 12 V Electric System
2. Upgrade to Heavy-Duty Type Air Fitler2. Explosion-Proof Charging Alternator
Exhuast System1. Position of TurbochargerLubricating System1. Oil Pan Position
2. Water-Cooled Exhuast Manifold2. Number of Dipstick
3. Water-Cooled Turbocharger3. Position of Dipstick
Fuel System1. Upgrade to Fuel Fitler that Integrated with Fuel Transfer PumpStarting System1. 12 V Starter Motor for 12 V Electric System
Engine Shut-Down System1. 12 V Solenoid for 12 V Electric SystemPower Output System1. Size of Flywheel Housing and Flywheel.
2. Explosion-Proof Solenoid2. Dual-Ear Flywheel Housing (For Twin-Starter System)

Note: All Above Data are Just for Reference, All Data Might Change Without Notices or Updates, Please Contact Our Sales Team to Confirm All Details Via WhatsApp or Email.


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